Several Outstanding Faculty, Students, Staffs Awarded for Academic Excellence at Amos C. Sawyer College

 Too many great things are happening at the University of Liberia under the administration of the institution’s faculty-student centered President, Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson. These tangibles are aligned with the visions and objectives of the institution established 1862, 15 years after the independence of Liberia. Last Tuesday, 6 June 2023 was an extraordinary day in the history of the Amos C. Sawyer College of Social Sciences and Humanities for several good reasons. Uniquely, the day was celebrated beyond expectation, and was joyfully marked by celebrations, joys, smiles, happiness, and the displayed of unity and appreciation.

  During the College’s Annual Academic Excellence Recognition and Honoring Program held on 6 June 2023,  the College bestowed on its faculty, students and staffs and recognizes their outstanding contributions to teaching, learning, research and service to their professions and the university community.

During the colorful ceremonies, Sawyer College honored several members of its faculty, students and staffs with high recognitions and honors including the highest honors the college conveys on faculty, students and administrators. The title of College Distinguished Faculty of the Year was given to Mr. Benjamin G. Sumo, a Teaching Assistant in the Department of English and Language Studies. 

 Rev. Jethro S. Tamba, the Chair of the Department of Geography was named the Most Distinguished Department Chair of the Year in recognition of his distinguished and extraordinary service in the college. The Department of Social Work was named the Outstanding Department of the Year in recognition of its students’ high academic performance in the 2022 thesis oral defense and presentation and academic excellence.

While Miss Rosetta Fardolo, BA degree graduate from the Department of Communication and Media Studies, was voted by students of the University of Liberia as the Most Outstanding Student Leader of the Year due to her exceptional services to the student community.

Miss Danielle Wornee, age 20, BSW degree in Social Work won the Most Outstanding Academic Excellence in the 2022 Undergraduate Thesis Oral Defense and Presentation at the university. She and other colleague, Miss. Juma Patricia Sando, BA degree graduate in Geography, were awarded a fully funded Master’s degree Scholarship by the Amos C. Sawyer Foundation. These four awards are among the highest honors the college bestows on its faculty and student. Miss Wornee, age 20, had already left in her trail a beautiful blueprint of near-perfect academic outcome as relates oral defense and presentation, and academic work.

 Miss. Wornee research focuses on: A Need for Social Services in Orphanages in Liberia: A Case Study of the St. Benetta Orphanage Home on Pipeline, Lower Johnsonville, Liberia. While Miss Sando research focus is: An Evaluation of Public Attitude and Behavior towards Waste Management in Red-Light, Gogbarchop Market. The two ladies, age 20 each have been awarded Master’s degree scholarships for high Academic Performance in thesis oral defense and presentation at Amos C. Sawyer College. While Mr. Richard Reginald Mensah, Chairperson of the Fine and Performing Arts was named Most Deserving Chairman.

 A physical challenged student, Mr. Siaka Kanneh was named as the Most Deserving Student. Siaka graduated with the 2022 class with BA in Sociology.  While the Association of Students with Disability won the Student Group of the Year award.  The Most Outstanding Student group of the Year was won by Association of Students with Disability. The award was received by the association President, Mr. Perkins Boyd on behalf of the group.

 A veteran Liberian journalist, legal expert and instructor of the Departments of English and Language Studies, Political Sciences, Communication and Media Studies and Social Sciences, Cllr. Mark Bedor-Wla Freeman won the Most Versatile Faculty of Amos C. Sawyer College.

He was also recognized and certificated as a dedicated member of the College’s Thesis Committee member. Another renowned Liberian journalist and adjunct faculty in the Department of Communication and Media Studies Mr. Frank Sainworla has been recognized as the winner of the Philip N. Wesseh Academic Excellence Print Journalism Award. While Mr. Danicius Kaihenheh Sengbeh was named Faculty of Communication and Media Studies for academic year 2021/2022.

In recognition of their distinguished and extraordinary service at the college, others faculty members were honored. They are: Prof. Dr. Moses C.T Jarbo, Faculty of Social Work; J. Nyema Woart, Faculty of History; Abraham A. Fofana, Faculty of Political Science; Charles Dickerson, Faculty of Arts and Crafts; James K. Mulbah, Faculty of Geography; Mohamed K. Bengeh, Faculty of Physical Education; Gautier Bou, Faculty of French Studies; Emmanuel J. Toe, Faculty of English and Rev. Lemuel Harris, Faculty of Religious Studies.

Several other graduates of the 2022 class were recognized and certificated for their high academic performance. They include:  Jennifer M. Scott, Magna Cum Laude with BA in Sociology; Jumamah Jackson Kesselee, Cum Laude, BSW in Social Work and Masan Swen Jahwee, Cum Laude, BSW in Social Work; Eric Kolleh, Cum Laude, BA in Demography; Mark Yeah, Cum Laude, BA in Demography; D. Wilson Kokulo Zawu, Cum Laude, BA in English; Francis Johnson, Cum Laude, BA in Sociology; Ada Leemu Sharkor, Cum Laude, BA in Sociology.

The most Dedicated Staff of the Year award went to Mr. Emmanuel D. Wallace of the Department of Religious Studies while Miss. Christiana Bellah, Department of Communication and Media Studies and Mr. Mohammed Kamara, Office of the Dean of Sawyer College and Francis Kamano, Department of History were also honored.

Members of the Distinguished Thesis Panelists were recognized and honored for their professional standard and valued that they brought to the academic exercise. They include: Assistant Prof. Alex O. Teaway, Chair; Roseline Tomah-Wiah, Co-chair and members are Prof. Dr. D. Elliot Wreh-Wilson, Cllr. Mark Bedor-Wla Freeman, Prof. Dr. Nathaniel G. Gbessagee, MR. Ernest Winderburk, Mr. Abraham A. Fofana, Mr. Roosevelt G. Tule, Rev. Tehpamubo M. Sayeh and Rev. Leviticus O. Kollie.

Meanwhile, the certificates of Recognition, Honors, and Appreciation were presented to the honorees by several distinguished personalities. They are Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, President pf the University of Liberia, Prof. Dr. Moses M. Zinnah, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Mrs. Benetta Joko Tarr, Vice President for Administration, Prof. Stephen M. Jubwe, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Honorable Numene Bartekwa, Grand Kru County Senator and Prof.  Dr. Herman Beseah Browne, Former President of Cuttington University, Priest in Charge, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Parish and Former Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Monrovia. He delivered the keynote address at the honoring program on Tuesday, 6 June 2023.

On May 29, 2023 the College conferred BA and BSW degrees on 214 students including 115 females and 99 males. The valedictorian of the class is Miss. Jennifer M. Scott, she earned GPA 3.600 with BA in Sociology. The graduates are: 133 from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, 20 from the Department of Communication and Media Studies, 19 from the Department of Demography, 14 from the Department of Political Science, 14 from Social Work, 8 from Geography, 4 from the Department of the English and Language Studies, and 2 from the Department of History.

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