Agriculture Ministry Begins Spraying Caterpillars Infested Towns

Amidst the caterpillars’ infestations in rural Liberia, the Ministry of Agriculture’s (MOA) technicians have started spraying affected communities in Bong County simultaneously in Salala and Zota Districts since Sunday to the curb the spread.

Last week, the MOA announced the discovery of an army of caterpillars known as Archaea — different from Fall Army Worms —in several towns in Bong, Gbarpolu and Nimba County and disclosed resource mobilization plan to contain the spread.

The caterpillars are moving into farms damaging bananas, cocoa and other food crops, contaminating waterways and crawling into homes.

Since Friday, the caterpillars continue their infestations in towns in Bomi, Lofa and Margibi counties. Thus making it six of Liberia’s 15 counties now affected by the infestations.

The MOA’s team started spraying Sahankpalla Town in Zota District and Yanquelleh Town in Salala District and will continue to other counties, while the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) continues in the Suakoko area.

“We have a response plan and we are working with our development partners and governmental institutions like the National Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health under the ONE HEALTH PLATFORM to contain the caterpillars. We are working to have other ministries on board to effectively coordinate our response”. Minister Jeanine Cooper said.

Already, developing partners  and governmental agencies have expressed willingness to join the MOA in containing the caterpillars.

Issued by the Ministry of Agriculture

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