Several Chiefdoms in Karluway Statutory District Petitioned Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown

From E. Varney Kamah Correspondent In Maryland County

As the 2023 presidential and legislative elections draw closer in Liberia, news from GNN Correspondent in Maryland County has disclosed that over five Chiefdoms in the county have re-petitioned their current Senator, J. Gbleh-Bo Brown to contest the upcoming elections as their Senator.

The five chiefdom who petitioned the Senator last weekend include  Nya-ou, Tuo-ou, Gedebo, Gbiabo, Yederobo, Nearobo, Deliabo, Dorrobo clans and Andersonville Township  in Karluway district #3 Maryland County said they are overwhelmed of the nationalistic services of the Senator, noting that it is time for him to be re-petitioned as their senator in 2023.

The colorful program was held over the weekend in Nyenowroken on Saturday September 24, 2023 and  it was well attended by  Women groups, Youth groups, Traditional leaders, Karluway citizens in both Pleebo and Harper, the media amongst others.

The petition Statement on behalf of the Citizens in Karluway statutory district was presented to Senator Brown by Mr: Issac Brown Township Commissioner for Nyenowroken Township who wholeheartedly informed the Senator during the gathering that the people of Karluway are prepared to support senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown for his re_election in the upcoming elections.

“It’s indeed my excitement and greatest happiness on behalf of the entire people of Karluway  district Represented on this occasion to announced to you Senator Brown that we the citizens of Karluway district are happy to have you as our son, therefore, in the best interest of the Karluway people I present to you words of Petition Statement to contest in the next elections 2023.

The citizens told our Corespondent in the County that the petition of Senator Brown came as a result of his positive contributions made in the County and at the house of Senate, the citizens furthered.

Senator, J Gleh_bo Brown in last year 2021 dedicated several projects in the County including the construction of a bridge, a school and donated a steel mill to three towns alongside the Cavalla River identified as Yobloken, Yorken and Gbon in district #3. The Citizens happily explained that Senator, J. Gleh-bo Brown recently presented the newly enacted law establishing the Maryland Vocational Training Institute, MVTI, to residents of the county.

The lawmaker with excitement accepted the petition and told the people of Karluway district that he is willing to contest in the 2023 elections.

“My people today is one of my happiest days in life, let me say a big thank you to you all for the petition, I accept your petition and I will always make you proud, let us all work together for a better Maryland county, Liberia at large.

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