Citizens Of Nyenowroken Town Community Cry For Safe Drinking Water

From E. Varney Kamah In Maryland County

Hundreds of Nyenowroken Town residents in Karluway district #3 , Maryland county are said to be fetching drinking water from unhygienic creeks as a result of the lack of safe drinking water in that part of the country, and are further appealing to central government including the Ministry of Health, Humanitarian organizations, local and international NGOs to quickly come to their rescue.

Our Correspondent who visited the area said he noticed that due to the lack of safe drinking water, many of the residents are using unhygienic creek water for drinking and cooking, a situation they noted is dangerous to their health, called on authorities to help in providing hand pumps.

“We are actually finding it difficult to get safe drinking water because most of our pumps are not functioning properly, for this reason many of us are forced to fetch in Creeks water for drinking purposes, some of the women speaking to the GNN-Liberia complained.

One off the residents, Peter Washington, Jr., disclosed that the town is seriously challenged due to the lack of safe drinking water, stressing, “We need the intervention of the Liberian government, we have only one hand pump that cannot cater to the population of our towns, and other nearby villages; even this one pump is not functioning properly to supply the entire Community.

Speaking further on this issue, Mr. Washington expressed thanks and appreciation to the team of journalists who took up time to visit the town, adding, “Let me say thanks to the journalists who came to know our problem in Nyenowroken town, I am very pleased  to inform you that we the people of Nyenowroken town  are in dare need of additional hand pumpsr”, he told journalists.

Nyenowroken Town is one of the most populated and the oldest towns in district #3 Maryland County, residents of this town are seriously challenged due to the lack of safe drinking water in their community and town.

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