Senator Moye Unites Diaspora Bong County Citizens In The U.S.

Dispatch From U.S.

Senator, Prince Moye

Recently the National Executive Committee of the United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc. (USA), headed by its President, Caimon Joe Kollie honored the invitation of Hon. Prince K. Moye, Senator of Bong County, to attend a meeting with Dr. George Toto in the city of Smyrna, Delaware, the USA.

During the gathering Senator Moye informed both invitees that the purpose of the meeting was to find a peaceful resolution to the current impasse in the diaspora Bong County community as it relates to a breakaway group from the UBCAA organization.

The meeting was attended by nine individuals, which included Hon. Prince Moye, Sr. (presiding host), Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie, Dr. George Toto, Mr. Emmanuel Flomo, Mr. Moses Ketter, Mr. Tormue Curtis Queminee, Mr. Bill McGill Jones, Mr. Eric H. Weetol, and Mr. Christopher Kollie. President Kollie was accompanied to the meeting by Mr. Moses Ketter, the Chair of the UBCAA Education Committee.

After hours of productive deliberations, the attendees developed, and the principal invitees signed a consensus agreement to reflect the full understanding of both parties. The consensus agreement signed by both parties herein includes the following:

  1. That the Caimon Joe Kollie leadership is recognized as the legitimate leadership of the UBCAA.
  2. It is recommended that the Delaware Valley Chapter is represented on the Board of UBCAA.
  3. That the UBCAA constitution shall be reviewed at the next convention to reflect current realities.
  4. That both parties issue a joint statement encouraging all supporters to endorse the outcomes of this mediation agreement.
  5. That Senator Moye, Sr. will liaise with the Caucus to raise $3,000 (Three thousand United States Dollars) to offset the expenses incurred by the Delaware Valley Chapter.

On behalf of the National Board of Directors, National Executive Council, and the General Assembly of UBCAA, the National President “expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to Senator Prince Moye for his foresight and exemplary leadership in bringing us together under one administration and one organization, the United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc.”

Furthermore, President Kollie applauded Dr. George Toto and his supporters for the tough decision to dissolve the National Bong County Association and embrace UBCAA as the legitimate Bong County organization under his leadership. Additionally, President Kollie said, “we wholeheartedly welcome our brothers and sisters back to our UBCAA family as we all work together in the spirit of unity for the betterment of our community, both in the diaspora and in Bong County.

Office of the Executive National President United Bong County Association in the Americas, Inc., (UBCAA) 3300 County Road 10, Suite 307, Brooklyn Center MN 55429 Phone No: (612) 274-4562 E-mail: | Website: We have always strived for peace and unity in our community while maintaining the integrity of UBCAA as an organization. We want to thank all who supported the effort to unite us. Dr. Toto and I hold the position that there is no winner in this situation but a unified UBCCA organization working to harness the enormous human and material resources in our community to tackle the critical needs facing our society.”

Finally, President Kollie and Dr. Toto jointly ask all UBCAA members, Bong County citizens, former and current residents, our friends, our supporters, and well-wishers to join us in making UBCAA a thriving organization to address some of the critical needs facing our community and advocating for accountability and transparency within our organization as well as in our County.

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