Senator Dillon’s Suspension Backfire, As Political Leader Rejects Decision

L/R: Nyonblee Karnga-Lawranvce, Political Leader of Liberty Party and Musa Bility, Chairman of LP

Following the ‘Immediate Suspension’ of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, vice chairman for political affairs of the Liberty Party for six months for reportedly “making several unauthorized public utterances, derogatory statements against the chairman and Executives of the LP that brought the public disrepute to the party”, the political leader of the Party, Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has publicly rejected the decision.

Also suspended alongside Senator Dillon for six months is the vice chairman for press and public affairs, Daniel Sando, according to a press release issued this week said, “The LP condemns the actions of these LP Executives in the strongest terms as it has the propensity to cast unnecessary aspersion on the party and will not be tolerated. Both NEC members have been suspended for a period of six months beginning October 1, 2021 and ends on March 31, 2020.”

But a statement issued by the Liberty Party’s Political Leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence and posted on social media, repealed the action  to suspend Senator Dillon, noting in the statement, said “ This morning, I read on the social media, a letter on the letterhead of Liberty Party and under the signature of Mr. Martin Kollah, Secretary General of Liberty Party, purportedly suspending Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and Daniel Sando, Vice Chairpersons for Political Affairs and Press and Public Affairs, respectively, for six months each. The decision, I am told, came as a result of claims made by Mr. Bility that the two party Executives addressed him in a disparaging manner. The office of the Political Leader states, in no uncertain terms, that this decision is unilateral as much as it is personal, and does not conform to acceptable standards of operation within the democratic space of political party. Neither Mr. Bility nor the Secretary-General is clothed with the authority under our Constitution, as passed on by delegates to the Gbarnga Convention, to effectuate any such decision.

This action of Mr.Bility has also come at a time when the National Advisory Council (NAC) of our Party, comprising eminent Partisans, is making frantic efforts to address the crucial issue dealing with the tampering of the Liberty Party Constitution and its illegal filing with the National Elections Commission by him and the National Secretary-General, Mr. Martin Kollah. It is of interest to note that under the auspices of the National Advisory Council, both Mr. Bility and myself met and agreed to freeze all actions pending a careful review and submission of recommendations by a special committee of inquiry within one week, the action being pursued by him not excluded.

As is characteristic of him, Mr. Bility has stalled the work of the Inquiry Committee by his refusal to sign a memorandum of understanding we had agreed in the presence of the National Advisory Council and is instead on a spree of conducting illegal activities in the counties, and now, this unauthorized action. After the present action, the NAC had arranged a retreat with the two of us, scheduled for this Saturday, to remove the impasse created by his defiance.

By these actions of Mr. Bility, it has come to be made abundantly clear that he is not interested in submitting himself to the inquiry, which would, in effect, unravel the crime behind the scene; his ultimate aim being making Liberty Party irrelevant in the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). We will move to contain this.

Following a review of the latest action by the National Chairman and taking into consideration the constitutional prerogative of the office of the Political Leader, as mandated by delegates to the Gbarnga Convention, and in further reference to ongoing efforts by the National Advisory Council, I hereby nullify the bogus suspension of the two Party Executives and all other actions, pending a thorough review of the records of the Gbarnga Convention.

The office of the Political Leader constitutionally mandated to give political direction to the party, hereby sternly warns against any further disruption of the party by these self-seeking ventures that are being pursued by Mr. Bility. We will do all in our power to redeem the image of the Liberty Party that is being mutilated daily by the uncontrolled ambition of Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, Chairman of the Liberty Party,” concluding the statement said by Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Political Leader of the Liberty Party added.

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