LIBERIA: Police Probes PLP Secretary-General Over Illegal Possession Of Firearm

(LINA) – Amidst series of reports in the public and on social media platforms alleging that the Secretary General of the People Liberation Party (PLP), David Beyan, was shot by unknown masked men, the Liberia National Police (LNP) has termed the reports as erroneous while uncovering that Mr. Beyan accidentally shot himself in his vehicle.

The LNP said after Mr. Beyan accidentally shot himself, he falsely told the public that on Friday, September 24, 2021 at about 3:00 p.m. he was on his way from Kakata, Margibi County when the incident occurred after he had gone to attend party functions and family meeting.

He narrated that while on his way to his Soul Clinic residence in Paynesville, he noticed two motorcycles ferrying four passengers tailing his vehicle from around Mount Barclay, outside Monrovia.

Beyan insinuated that in the middle of the Parker Paint Road, one of the riders reportedly crossed in front of his vehicle with speed, adding that he later alighted the vehicle in an attempt to compel the bike rider to remove his bike at which time he was overpowered by the men and shot in his left thigh.

Meanwhile, following the Liberia National Police (LNP) major press conference on Wednesday, the LNP Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue said upon receiving the information the LNP immediately launched an investigation into the matter, disclosing that the police gathered that the PLP acting Secretary claims were untrue.

The LNP boss said upon receiving the information that the PLP acting Secretary General was shot, they immediately approached him at the JFK Hospital where he went to seek treatment.

“When we got there, and requested to talk to him, the doctors said they were doing some work on him so we left, but later again, we went to his residence on Monday and he told us that he needed to rest and we should go back on Wednesday, we went again and he told us we should go back on Tuesday,” the Police Chief explained.

Col. Sudue said after they realized that Mr. Beyan was giving them “run around,” they immediately went to the court for a writ of subpoena which was used to obtain his medical report.

The LNP boss noted that Mr. Beyan honestly narrated to the doctor how he shot himself in his car while discharging his weapon.

Col. Sudue furthered said after going through the medical record, the LNP again went to the court for a Warrant of Search and Seizure to search Mr. Beyan’s residence.

“After we got that, we proceeded to Mr. Beyan’s house, and when we got there we saw six vehicles parked in the yard and we asked them to open all those vehicles and when we started searching we saw the perforation of the bullet on his car seat.

“When we asked him, Mr. Beyan was trying to make up another fake story and I said look this is what happened, we have subpoenaed your medical record and from there he confessed and agreed to cooperate with us,”  IG Sudue narrated.

The LNP boss added that when police investigators asked Mr. Beyan about the weapon, he responded that he had taken the weapon from his Soul Clinic residence to 20 Street in Sinkor, Monrovia for safekeeping.

“And we managed to get the weapon from Mr. David Beyan,” Col. Sudue added

Meanwhile, the Police official said Mr. Beyan has been arrested and is currently awaiting court trial for committing the crime of illegal possession of firearm.

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