Schengen Visa applications in Liberia increased significantly

According to official statistics released from, an online information platform,  during 2017 there were 56 people who applied for a Schengen uniform visa from Liberia.

Liberia is listed among countries whose citizens need to pursue a visa in order to be allowed to enter the Schengen zone. However, for the majority of the Schengen countries, Liberia’s citizens have to travel to neighbouring countries, mostly in Ghana to submit an application.

Until now, Sweden’s embassy is the only Schengen diplomatic mission represented in Liberia which admits uniform visa applications. On the other hand, those willing to visit other Schengen countries have to travel to an adjacent country to apply for a visa.

According to this set of statistics, during last year the Sweden embassy collected 56 applications. In turn, the embassy was very generous because it issued 55 Schengen uniform visa.

Although it is a small number if we were to compare it with statistics from the previous year a large increase is noted. In 2016, Sweden embassy located in the capital Monrovia received only one Schengen visa application and fortunately, this applicant was granted a visa.

Liberian citizens who are willing to visit the Schengen countries in the future must reach at the embassy of that particular country to seek information if they can make an application in their home country or they have to travel to another country to submit their application.

Lastly, note that there are often changes in this aspect so it may become possible for you to make an application in Liberia for your visa to another embassy rather than in the Swedish one.


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