Scaring Situation For Liberian Journalists, As Publishers Release Threats On Their Lives, But Deputy MICAT Boss Demystifies

Mr. Philipbert Brown, the publisher the Hot Pepper Newspaper

Being a critical journalist nowadays in Liberia as a professional journalist whose main quest is to report the facts nothing but the facts is said to be scaring as details released by some media owners that the lives of active and professional journalists will be at risk for doing their jobs.

Speaking on a local talk show, the 50-50, in Monrovia, today, April 2, 2019, Mr. Philibert Browne, Publisher of the Hot pepper Newspaper, disclosed that some critical journalists have been earmarked by some individuals to be eliminated due to their professional reportage on the activities of the CDC-led government, and further warned his colleagues to be careful in their day to day activities as journalists.

Mr. Browne speaking further, cautioned his colleagues, many of whom he named as T-Max Jlateh of the Sky FM; Host of the 50-50 call-in morning show, Henry Costa of the Roots FM, Philip Wesseh of the Inquirer Newspaper, and he himself have been targeted by people he alleged have been ordered to eliminate anyone who dare to criticize this government.

“Please be informed that there are people who have been ordered to eliminate many of us that are critical on this government, therefore, I warn that we as journalists should be very careful in our daily movement,” Mr. Brown speaking via mobile phone on the show said.

This latest revelation by the Hot Pepper Newspaper is said to be scaring, as many are wondering as to where Liberia is now heading.

Some ordinary Liberians who spoke to the GNN in separate interview are expressing serous concern about this, and further calling on the government to quickly probe those behind this alleged assignation plot on journalists as being reported.

But in reaction to this alleged plan to assassinate any journalist, the Deputy Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Eugene Farhgon described the allegation as ‘unfortunate’, noting that the government of President Weah has no plan to assassinate anyone as being alleged, and furrier noted that since the coming to power there has been no journalist in jail and less to speak of assassination.

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