Rohiet Suji Denies Media Report Of Deportation, Demanding Payment For Motorbikes From Gov’t; Says He Is A Law Abiding Businessman

President of the Indian Community in Liberia, Rohiet Suji

The President of the Indian Community in Liberia, Rohiet Suji who is currently vacationing outside Liberia has categorically dined media report of his deportation from Liberia, noting that he has never been deported by state security as insinuated in the media, but rather he left the country for a visit and hope to return to Liberia soon.

It was recently reported that the President of the Indian Community was booted out of his home in Monrovia and whisked off to the airport to board a plane bound for India, but in his reaction to this outlet, Mr. Suji in a rather disturbing mood denied the report, noting that he was never deported, and also declared he sold the bikes to the CDC in 2017, noting that there is no dispute between  Party and the Liberia automobiles.

“There has been no dispute between the CDC and the automobiles, stressing, we are law abiding citizens, follow the constitution of Liberia and also know that no foreigners should take part in politics, we also work within the framework of government policies,” Mr. Suji speaking with the GNN regarding the previous publication noted.

Speaking about his meeting with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) Council, Mr. Suji also said, “I did not attend meeting on the issue of the CTN, I was not even in the country, I only attended one meeting at the Ministry of Commerce being an Auditor of the LCC,” Mr. Suji in his rebuttal noted.

Speaking further, Mr. Suji rejected any involvement of Mr. Jeety in his reported deportation, noting that Mr. Jeety has never played any road of such nature, adding, “The source quoted in the publication is totally wrong, I was born in Liberia, I have love for Liberia and respect it very well, I can’t think of going against my country where I was born. We work within Government policies and follow the constitution. We all have respect for Liberia and our Liberian brothers and sisters and will not do anything wrong,” Mr. communicating with the GNN via WhatsApp said.

Meanwhile, this outlet regrets any inconveniences this publication may have caused the President of the Indian Community, and all those mentioned.

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