Rep Grant’s ‘Fake’ University Credentials Hullabaloo Deepens, As Kinsmen Petitioned House

By Randall George, GNN Legislative Reporter|

Rep. Alex Grant

The din of Grand Gedeh County Representative, Alex C. Grant’s fake university credentials continue to wallop every sector of the Liberian community, with the most recent coming from a group of Grand Gedeans under the banner ‘Concerned Gedeh Youth for Change’ bashing out the Grand Gedeh County lawmaker.

The group many of whom are students of the state university from the Grand Gedeh County today made their way to the Capitol Building, the seat of the Liberian lawmakers aimed at presenting their petition to the House of Representatives expressing their feelings of their lawmaker of his alleged purported university degree.

The group on Thursday, July 22, 2021, petitioned the House of Representatives requesting the body to remove Rep. Grant from all committees, and further asked that he should be investigated for his alleged fake degree presented to the University.

 The students made their argument on Rule 40 of the House of Representatives which talks about honesty and transparency.

The Rule states that “without perjury to the provisions of this rule, every member shall be honest and transparent at any time.”

The group said Rep. Grant serving as a Chair or member of any committee does not only undermine the credibility of the House rule 40, but is also a gross violation of the Panel Law of Liberia.

“Alex Grant should be removed from all committees, and be seated as an ordinary lawmaker, impeachment proceedings are pursued subsequently by us, members of his constituency,” the students said in their petition.

In its petition, the group said Rep. Grant, in keeping with FrontPage Africa May 13, 2021 edition and the Green Coast TV Online platform and reports, was alleged to have acquired an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Ibadan University of Nigeria in 2005, which according to investigation, was proven to be false as the Ibadan University in no uncertain term, refuted the Representative claims in a communication addressed to the inquiring journalist.

“The offense of perjury is a third degree felony and he made a false statement under oath; he is an academic fraudster who does not deserved to be a reputable lawmaker,” they said.

“As the beautiful saying goes, no one is considered a rogue until he or she is caught, Rep. Grant has been caught right handed in a criminal act by the state run university, thereby bringing that honorable body to public disrepute, a serious minded body like this Legislature should not look any further for complains or evidence rather take drastic action against such dishonorable forger,” the students said in their petition.

Reading their petition, the Spokesperson of the group, Allison Dunner said not only did Grant lie under oath by presenting fake credentials to the House Clerk upon taking office as Grand Gedeh County District #3 lawmaker on two separate occasions, but he also fraudulently enrolled into two of the nation’s highest and most prestigious universities, the University of Liberia and Cuttington University Graduate School, noting that such act can only be termed as criminal.

Receiving the group’s petition, Montserrado County District #11 Lawmaker, Representative Richard N. Koon assured the Grand Gedeans that he will present their petition to plenary and investigation will be launched into the allegation.

Opposing the 72 hours ultimatum given by the petitioners for actions to be taken against Rep. Grant, Representative Koon told the petitioners that the 72 hours ultimatum given by the group is not possible for actions to be taken because the National Legislature is taking a break.

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