Removal Proceeding Hangs Over Speaker Bhofal Chambers, As 38 ‘Sign’ Resolution

Speaker Bhofal Chambers

History is said to be repeating itself at the Capitol Building, the official seat of the Liberian lawmakers as the removal of the Speaker of the House, Bhofal Chambers by some of his colleagues is said to be gaining grounds with many of them expressing optimism that the days of the Maryland County Representative are numbered.

Some of those who signed the resolution for the removal of their Speaker said their action against him  is due to his “ineptitude” in managing the House of Representatives.

Our sources, who didn’t want to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter, indicated that the Speaker has demonstrated that he lacks the leadership ability to head the House of Representatives because “He has failed to ably handle the floor of the House’s plenary.”

“This man is inept; he failed to learn common legislative proceedings for the past 12 years. All he did was to walk out of session and hold press conferences against Madam [Ellen Johnson] Sirleaf. What is more disappointing is that as Speaker, he doesn’t understand the rules governing the plenary,” one of our sources said.

Article 49 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution states: “The House of Representative shall elect once every six years a Speaker who shall be the presiding officer of that body, a Deputy Speaker, and such other officers as shall ensure the proper functioning of the House. The speaker, the Deputy Speaker and other officers so elected may be removed from office for cause by resolution of a two-thirds majority of the members of the House.”

Some of the Speaker’s colleagues have charged that since his ‘white ballot’ election as Speaker of the 54th Legislature, he has failed to smoothly navigate his way with all his colleagues.

In fact, it is public knowledge that he has pointed out some of his colleagues as “personal enemies.”

At one point, Speaker Chambers openly described Representative Jonathan Fonati Koffa of Grand Kru County as his enemy.

As he tries to find enemies, the Speaker has made enemies for himself, too.

According to our reporter, several of his colleagues see him as targeting them, including lawmakers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Unlike former Speaker Alex Tyler and Deputy, Emmanuel Nuquay, Speaker Chambers has failed to establish for himself a base amongst his colleagues. With the exception of Thomas Fallah, who chairs the House’s Ways, Means and Finance Committee, no lawmaker speaks well of their Speaker.

On Monday, September 3, local media reported that Mr. Bobby Allison, one of the media persons in the Office of the Speaker, confirmed that there is a plot to remove the Speaker. Allison was attempting to respond to a report about the filthiness of the bathroom at the Capitol Building.

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