President Weah’s Nationwide Tour Builds Hope For Despairing Nimbaians 

Pres. Weah receiving the key to Gompa City Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

According to GNN Correspondent in Nimba County, hundreds of citizens of the County turned out to give the Liberian leader, President George M. Weah and his delegation including his wife, First Lady, Clar Weah a rousing welcome in Ganta City, Nimba County.

The Liberian leader speaking to officials and citizens of the county reiterated his commitments to improve the living conditions of all Liberians, and further noted that Liberians voted him overwhelmingly to the presidency and that he remains committed to his campaign promises geared towards making life worth living in every part of the country.

“My people of Nimba, it is I who should thank you. In 2017, amongst many promises and sweet tongues from several other politicians, you said ‘we must try this man’, and you indeed contributed to my victory,” the President told swarms of Ganta City residents who welcomed him and delegation on Monday, February 15, 2021.

Welcoming President Weah, speakers representing ordinary citizens including youth, students, women, marketers, and the civil society, lauded President Weah and his administration for intensifying national development in the country, specifically in Nimba County.

“I am here today to thank you, the people of Nimba, for standing by my side during the 2017 elections. As a humble person, I hardly forget good from others. And I will never forget what you did when I needed you most,” the Liberian Chief Executive submitted. “And I can promise once again that I will make Liberia better. I will work with your leaders to deliver on things you have requested, and to complete projects we have started already in Nimba,” the Liberian Leader said.

The President told the jubilant crowd at the Gompa Sports Stadium: “I am a son of Nimba. I grew up here. My mother lived here for years. We have link specifically to Doru District. My vision to develop this country, including Nimba, is unquestionable.”

Dr. Weah promised that he would consult with the leaders of Nimba on the urgency to build a modern City Hall in Ganta. “Nimba, like any other part of this country, deserves better. And I can say to you that with the help of our leaders, the City Hall project will be embarked upon.”

“So many people came to you with different agenda, but you chose my agenda, which is to build roads and other infrastructural programs. We are building your roads whether in Nimba, Montserrado or other Counties,” Dr. Weah emphatically said.

Amidst challenges, President Weah told Nimbaians that in three years of his six years mandate, the government is doing much better than expected, and assured them of more development activities if everyone puts hands on deck.

He said: “If we do well in the six years you gave us and if you are satisfied with our work, then we will come to you again for your mandate to continue our development drive.”

He urged citizens to exercise patience and restraint in their quest for developments across the county because the process to development is tedious, stressing “we will do it bit by bit.”

Regardless of political or religious beliefs, President Weah urged the people of Nimba to come together and uplift the country which according to him suffered setbacks due to undermining and self-interest.

At the same time, President Weah has frowned on county superintendents for agitating for development initiatives in their counties, whereby they should be making progress and   achievable reports.

He called on county superintendents to furnish his office with progress reports of what they have done for their people.

“Just as I asked Cabinet Ministers to submit progress reports to my office, I am asking superintendents to do same. We will review the reports and anyone who doesn’t perform well, we will do rearrangement,” President Weah stated.

Responding to horde of requests presented to him, President Weah assured them of his support to achieve their development quest, promising to help with the construction of the Gompa City Hall.

He however pleaded with the citizens to work with and channel their requests for development through their lawmakers, whom he said have the wherewithal to push development through the national budget.

Youth groups, chiefs and elders, marketers, religious Community, County Legislative Caucus, and many others spoke at the town hall meeting with the President.

The citizens, among many other things, appealed for the construction of the Gompa City Hall, review of the Arcelor Mittal Agreement with the involvement of Community landowners, expansion or elevation of few public schools, scholarship opportunities for students of the county.

Throngs of residents lined the Bong-Nimba highway as the President and delegation cruised their way into Gompa City, making intermittent stoppages to personally interact with villagers

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