If Precautionary Measures Not Taken, Ebola Will Once Again Ravage Liberia – Health Expert Warns

(Photo credit: Médecins Sans Frontières)

The news of the renaissance of the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea from the Democratic Republic of Congo has frightened Liberians, especially those who relatives and love ones died as a result of this deadly virus in Liberia few years ago are calling on the George Weah-led Government to take all necessary actions for its rebirth in Liberia.

GNN Liberia reporters who sampled the views of Liberians in Monrovia and its environs following report that Ebola has resurfaced in neighboring Guinea, observed that many of those who spoke to this outlet expressed fear that the influx of Liberians into Guinea for business purposes may likely give rise to the importation the virus into Liberia as it was done in 2014 which led to the death of thousands of Liberians.

According to GNN Correspondent in Nimba County, on a daily basis dozens of marketers roam the Liberia/Guinea route, a situation he noted may also give rise to the importation of the virus in recent days. “Just few days ago some women left Ganta, the commercial City of Nimba County to travel to likely    market on a daily basis

“We are indeed surprised as to why the Government up to present has not close our borders with neighbouring countries, including Guinea where people have reportedly died of the virus,” one of the concerned Liberians who spoke to the GNN, Sara Daniels wondered.

“Just yesterday, prior to the incident, some women travelled to Nzérékoré, one of the towns in south-eastern Guinea for their relative who was reportedly ill, there is a need that the government of Liberia close its border with Guinea, if not we will experience similar situation,” Nyan Flomo a resident of Ganta also spoke to GNN Liberia Nimba County Correspondent.

“Liberia may likely be affected soon if all the health measures to abort this virus is not taken. Let us forget about goods that are being bought from Guinea, including pepper and other edible food stuffs that are brought into the country by business people from Guinea. The health of the people is matters,” Nathaniel Johnson, a Liberian health expert speaking to the GNN asserted.

The outbreak of the virus to the lives thousands in three countries including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone with the following deaths occurring in these countries: Guinea  3,814,  Liberia  4,810 and  Sierra Leone  3,956.

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