President Weah Urges GVL To Improve On Its Basic Social Services Within Concession Areas

In continuation of his nationwide tour, the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah who is currently in the southeastern county of Sinoe County has urged the management of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) to robustly improve its social services within its concessionary areas

Drawing the attention of President George Weah to their plights at a Town Hall meeting on Saturday May 8, 2021 in Unification City,the citizens of Tarjuowon statutory district Sinoe County want job opportunities, construction of their roads including electricity among others to be provided to them by the Company.

Though they acknowledged that the company is so far doing well for them but noted that much more still needs to be done in order to fully better their living conditions.

Buttressing the people’s  plights was Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay who recommended the revision of the act that created the GVL.

He said by law after a set period of operations there is a need to revisit the concession agreement in order to ensure that the people feel its direct impact.

“By now the Company should create the avenue by law for Liberians to occupy top managerial positions within its employ”, this he added is one of the many reasons for the revision of the concession agreement.

In response President George Weah thanked the people of Tarjuowon for their cordial working relationships with the company something he noted is commendable.

However he encouraged the company to do what needs to be done appropriately to improve the living conditions of his people.

In a brief conversation with the Company’s senior management Team, President Weah urged them to provide electricity for residents within the concession areas including the construction of roads as well but was also quick to urge his people to provide more land to the company in order for them to benefit from electricity supply something that was requested by the company, he disclosed.

Speaking further the Liberian leader encouraged lawyers of the company who are Liberians including some senior staffs to push the case of their own people.

“You all are Liberians but when these people go, what they will leave behind for you all”, he reminded them.

According to him, he believes in negotiations and negotiations with the aim of achieving more for his people as such he will join the local leaders of the County with the Company’s senior management Team to get on the drawing board and look at the concession agreement and ensure that the necessary things be done in the supreme interest of his people.

“ I will continue to negotiate for my people but what I am doing is not to scare away investors including investments because I do not believe in such”, he pointed out.

He said when he was away from Liberia for several years nobody drove him away not for any other reasons as such he will not drive away people from his Country, President Weah added.

As a son also of Sinoe County and the region in particular, Dr. Weah  promise to provide some basic needs for the  people of Tarjuowon statutory district to include the construction of a mini stadium, general market, youth and vocational training centers, the electrification of major streets in Unification City and other major streets in Sinoe County under the Presidential streets (Solar) lights project, the construction of the pro poor housing units including other local infrastructures among others.

President Weah was also quick to encourage members of the Legislative caucus of Sinoe County to unite and work together as a team and one unit in order to fast strike development within the entire County.

He reminded them that in the absence of peace and confusion, the company can’t achieve lasting development as such, the people will suffer only from their individual and or selfish political differences.

It is time that Sinoe County unite especially when they  have their own son as head of State, he added

The Chief executive therefore charged Senator Milton Teahjay along with the elders and other traditional leaders of the County  to champion the cause of national unity within the County.

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