President Luis Abinader Ends Covid Restrictions In the Dominican Republic

According to a televised address to the nation, the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader announced that COVID measures and requirements are no longer required in the country. Citizen of the Dominican Republic and tourists was required to show proof of vaccination cards and measures to enter public places anywhere across the country.

Now, according to the President, he said he ended such requirements, and citizens and tourists can go anywhere across the Dominican Republic without any fears. He thanked the doctors, the nurses, and all the health personnel, the military and police, and the businessman who provided human and economic resources for the cause.

President Abinader announced the suspension of the preventive measures while addressing the Caribbean nation Wednesday evening. The use of a face mask, social distancing, and coronavirus passports to enter public places are no longer required. He said wearing a mask is personal if they want to but no longer required.
“I am announcing that as of today all the restrictive measures imposed by COVID-19 are suspended,” said President Luis Abinader just at that time in a short message of three minutes and 11 seconds, aired by the Government on social networks.
A “recovery of freedom” that, in the words of the Dominican president, “is a collective success and a goal achieved” that is guaranteed by “the individual responsibility of each one of us.”

According to Dominican leaders, tourists coming from other countries to enter the country can present a negative test if they wish. But vaccination cards and other requirements are no longer required to enter public places across the country.

A political leader from Haiti, Werley Nortreus has commented on President Abinader’s decision for the Dominican Republic.
“Many Dominicans and Haitians have lost their jobs due to the COVID vaccination cards and other requirements. Many people were unable to enter public places. Now I am glad to hear that everyone is free to go anywhere in the country without any fears”, said Werley.
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