Political Activist, Martin Kollie Severely Flogged Allegedly By Officers Of The Drug Enforcement Agency

Martin Kollie

“These guys have been tailing me from town late Saturday evening, when I got on Du Port Road at the Renaissance Bar, a local club around Du Port Road Junction, these group huge body men got off their vehicle and decided to beat on me, they even wanted to force me in their vehicle to be taken to an unknown local, but I resisted,”   Martin Kollie, a Liberian student and political activist explaining his ordeal via mobile phone told the GNN in an exclusive interview said.

He said one of the attackers was identified by him as officer of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), but did not know the rest who he said were huge and well-armed, “Their intention was to carry me to an unknown local, but with the alarm raised by one of my colleagues who was with me, these guys after beating me severely sped off with their vehicle.

Mr. Kollie explained further, stressing that this is not the first or the second time, “I believed these guys acted upon the orders of their bosses, probably for my advocates which they feel is not in their interest, however, I will not be deterred in my advocacy,” Kollie speaking to the GNN said.

He said the attackers while beating him requested him to surrender his laptop at their demand, a request he said he refused to do so, “As I speaking to you, I am in pains with all my legs that were beaten with iron bars severely I am in pains,” Kollie told the GNN Sunday morning.

All efforts applied by the GNN to contact authority at the LDEA to find out the facts surrounding this allegation proved unsuccessful. investigation continues.

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