Police Declares Cyrus Johnny, Jr., 35 Wanted for Alleged Vehicle Theft

Suspect Cyrus Johnny, Jr., 35 wanted for Theft of Property.

The Liberia National Police has declared suspect Cyrus Johnny, Jr., 35 wanted for Theft of Property.

On the 25th of October, 2022 about 12:15 Noon, Suspect Cyrus Johnny, an employee of the Euro Liberia Logging Company (ELL) in Congo Town drove his General Manager, Mr. Jihad Akkari to Ashmun Street to attend to some business.

About an hour, suspect Johnny texted his boss wanting to attend nature with the company’s white Isuzu pick-up with plate number A-67475 and criminally made away with the vehicle.

The reported stolen vehicle

Suspect Cyrus Johnny, Jr. absconded with the vehicle and has since been into hiding with the vehicle.

The LNP urges anyone coming across or knowing the whereabouts of suspect Cyrus Johnny, Jr. to call our emergency numbers: 0770800674, 0770800425, 0770800423 or 0770800111, 0770800122.

Attached below are photographs of the alleged auto thief and the vehicle he absconded with.

This announcement was issued by H. Moses Carter, Sr., Head Press and Public Affairs, Liberia National Police.

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