Philipbert Browe Goes Into Exile, As Liberians Look Forward For Findings Of ‘LD16B

Mr. Philipbert Brown, Publisher of The Hot Pepper

The Publisher of the Hot Pepper Newspaper; the whistle-blower of the alleged missing billion, and the alleged bribing of lawmakers in the amount of US$1.2 million for the printing of ten billion United States Dollars, Mr. Philipbert S. Browne  has reportedly fled the country to see refuge in what is be into exile early this week on the reported advice of some high-up’s in the CDC leg government.

According to the Friday edition of the Hot Pepper Newspaper, quoting Mr. Browne via mobile phone from the Roberts International Airport while departing said he is leaving the country to an undisclosed location until lawmakers from the 53rd National Legislature (House of Representatives), whom he accused of taken bribe in to the tone of US$1.2 million to give the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) the authority to print L$10 billion are ‘desperately trying to have him murdered’.

The paper said, Mr. Browne maintained that the lawmakers have resulted into calling and threatening insurance companies not to provide him with a bond for the case to be heard in front of a jury of his peers, he further noted that the preoccupation of the lawmakers is to have him arrested and jailed while their hired operatives will be ordered to murder him in prison.

The paper said, Mr. Browne, before boarding his flight for exile said he has financial ability to take care of his bond and his legal defense team, but has realized that the lawmakers are not interested in going to court, but to have him murder.

He said that since insurance companies cannot ensure that he obtains a bond, his only option, as was advised is to leave the country and go into exile; Mr. Browne further explained that the untold sufferance he endured during the civil war did not compare him to flee Liberia.

He said he has absolutely no apology for the lawmakers after they have stolen the country’s money and deprived its citizens.

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