Pajibo offers a message for young siblings at SOS Children’s Village— ‘persevere’

Jlateh K. Pajibo speaking to group of young people at the SOS Monrovia Village on Hermann Day

Pajibo browsed through host of issues children might want to make their priority; but noted that— giving young people the opportunity to excel is an act welcoming.

He said although there are many issues that SOS Founder Hermann Gmeiner care about, there were all kinds of issues that he intended to solve, but one of the most important thing he cared about was to help in any way to prepare the next generation of young people and families to be self-reliant.

He maintained it’s worth noting that SOS Children’s Villages around the world carried the late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner vision. Pajibo noted that “today is a very important day for us member of SOS Children’s Villages. It is the birthday of our late father, so it is our day.” He adding “Like most of us here, the late Hermann Gmeiner faced the harsh realities of life from his childhood, but today he provides a loving home for every child.”

He lauded the SOS Family for the many opportunities being provided to young people while at the same time cautioned the children to pay attention to their education and the many good things they have been taught by the mothers at the village.

“It is ultimately necessary to precisely make maximal use of these opportunities, because it will definitely have biggest impact on your lives tomorrow. That will be the time that you can stand along out there even without SOS support at your disposal.” Jlateh K. Pajibo told a crowd and his siblings currently staying in the SOS Monrovia Village.

The SOS resettled youth made the statement during the 2018 Hermann Gmeiner celebration in Monrovia. Pajibo acknowledged that there were huge challenges facing young people raging from-selling between cars, no money for education, shelter, clothing, feeding. But noted these problems are not their problems now.

The “Hermann Gmeiner Day” is the birthday of an Austrian philanthropist and the founder of SOS Children’s Villages. He was a visionary and talented young man who was born to a big family of farmers in Austria in 1919. The history of SOS federation stated in Imst, Austria, where the first SOS Children’s Village was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in 1949. He was committed to helping children in need – children who had lost their homes, their security and their families as the result of the Second World War. Though World War II have ended but we still sufers the remnant of the war.

Pajibo was a child at risk, but today through his determination and hard work, he is a self-reliant and contributing to the overall rebuilding of Liberia. He was brought to SOS Children’s Village in 1983 and found a loving family and home in house 6. He is a currently a professional and experience young man who worked with Liberia Revenue Authority, United Nations, USAID, Work Bank amongst others.

35 years ago Pajibo had no idea that he would’ve made any impact in society, now here he is speaking to his young siblings. He had gotten out of college filled with idealism and absolutely certain that somehow he’s going to change the world.

“SOS Children have helped inspired and lead movements for change. How inspiring to see it again in smiling brilliant young boys and girls like you, making positive impact in society. Giving back to other children who might be in need. “We’re awaiting you. And we’ve got your backs” Pajibo says. 

By Joseph J.B. Joboe, Comms & Brand Coordinator

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