Over 200 Liberians Seeking Greener Pastures Stranded In Dubai, Many Are Said To Be Living On Handouts


Dubai International Airport (File/AFP)

Fresh report coming from Dubai, a city situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates say over two hundred Liberians who left their home country in search of greener pasture to better their lives are said to be suffering in that part of the world due to the lack of sufficient capital to keep them up.

The report also hinted that many of them are now living on handouts, while some of those who were privileged to have come across some friends residing in that very expensive capital city are reportedly sleeping with friends.

Despite efforts being applied to seeking the intervention of Liberia’s Consulate General via the head of mission, Samuele Landi, in Dubai seems not to be gaining a noncompliance state, as many of those Liberians who left their home country are said to be complimenting coming back home but lacks the financial willpower to do so.

“Dubai is a very expensive city; it is not easy to stay, we are suffering and want to return home. Liberia’s Consulate General here who supposed to come to our rescue has deliberately refused to do so,”  one of the victims who declined to be named via mobile phone from UAE  in a rather disgusted voice told the GNN.

Despite the suffering these Liberians are facing others back home are wishing to move to UAE, noting that they must go there in search of better lives.

Amid the surge of the COVID-19 virus, the United Arab Emirates suspended travelers from entering the country from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Namibia on national and foreign flights from Monday, June 21, Emirates News Agency (WAM) said,

WAM said the restrictions would also include transit passengers, with the exception of transit flights traveling to the UAE and bound for those countries

Investigation continues

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