Opposition Political Parties Rejects President Weah Extension Of The State Of Emergency To 30 Days

ANC Alexander Cummings, Chairman of the CPP

Following the extension of the State of Emergency (SoE) for additional 30 days, and reducing the lockdown from 9pm to 6pm by the Liberian leader, President George M. Weah, Collaboration Political Parties (CPP) have rejected the move of the Liberian leader.

Addressing a joint press conference yesterday, June 21, 2020, Montserrado County Senator who is also a member of the Liberty Party (LP), Abraham Darius Dillon said the opposition will not accept this latest move of the Liberian leader, said the extension of the lockdown brings no sanity to the nightmare of the Liberian people amid the deadly Coronavirus.

Addressing journalists, Senator Dillon blasted the CDC-led government of President Weah for not mounting pressure in the eradication of the virus on the soil of Liberia, instead bragging on extending a lockdown while people are dying on a daily basis.

Speaking on local radio, some Liberians who spoke on a local radio stations condemned the action of the Liberian leader noting that the government of President Weah is suffering the Liberian people who are craving to have their daily meals fetch for survival.

But others to the contrary, express support to the Liberian leader new mandate by extending the SoE for additional 3o days and the lockdown to 6pm from 9pm, adding that the CPP is gambling the lives of the Liberian people, this extension by the Liberian leader must be adhered to.

In a related development, the Chairman Emeritus of the CCP, Benoni W. Urey has vowed that the opposition is queue to taken state power, as the current government has failed the Liberian people.

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