Oman Trafficked Victim Breaks Silence, Says She Was Misled

Photo: Getty Images (Flash back: Woman being handcuffed)

“I once washed cars;  everyday six cars , brushed around the house, climbed on the walls and wash it in and out. They beat me with hot cook spoon among others. “ Victim Naomi Koso explaining her nightmare.

The issue of human trafficking has become common nowadays in the Liberian society as many Liberian girls are currently facing difficult in Oman only because of grinner pasture.

Victim Naomi Z Koso taken the witness stand Wednesday March 23 2022, as prosecutions first witness explained that in 2020 she came across a lady identified as Glady Capehart sister to Retina Capehart who informed her brother who is a bike rider that her sister was looking for interested people to go and work with a Company in Oman.

It can be recalled the government of in 2021 indicted Retina Capehart alias Aisha Kelleh for allegedly trafficking several Liberian girls to middle east state of Oman and now on the basic to work with a company that will pay them US$850 dollars per month.

She disclosed that after expressing interest, and was linked to Retina Capehart alias Aisha Kelleh, she was instructed to pay the sum of US$ 500 as agent fees and hundred united States Dollars as immigration fees respectively.

“ Aisha took me to the airport, she told me that they way you are going , you are going to work with company they will give you $850 United States Dollars, accommodate you, responsible to feed you, medical bill and I will be holding my traveling document.” Zoko noted.

She further lamented that when she got to Oman airport, the lady ask for all her traveling document and ask that she work in two houses or else she will not eat

Ashe quizzed the lady and inform her that she was not informed of going to Oman to work as house maid but rather she was informed of working with a company that will pay her Eight Fifty United States Dollars (850) .

With response from her employers she decided to called Retina Capehart to have her inform of what the lady had early told her ,and madam than told her beg it for the next six month as things would get better.

Naomi Koso narrative that after begging the situation for the next six month she then was diagnosed of yellow jarnus and decided to asked her Madan for medical attention and she said that she don’t have money except she take it from her salary.
“ I called Aisha are told her she said put your phone camera are put my camera on , she said go in the woman room , she said open the cupboard that is beside the bathroom, are open the cupboard she show me where all my passport and are get out.” Zoso explain.

Madam Naomi Z Koso after she took the document she then left the house and was going crying when she met a Nigerian girl who decide to help her shattered in her house.

Meanwhile criminal court A judge Roosevelt Willie has reserve the matter for later date .

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