NPA Brags Of Major Achievements Under Acting Managing Director, Celia Cuffey-Brown

NPA Acting Managing Director, Celia Cuffy-Browne

The acting Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Madam Celia Cuffey-Brown has publicly bragged of several achievements under her watchful eyes as Managing Director, disclosing that one of the achievements is the readiness for the APM Terminals to pay 15% royalty on its total revenue from Marine Services before expenditure and taxes to the NPA.

Addressing a news conference last Friday, Madam Cuffey-Brown also highlighted other achievements of her team, noting that additional 50% of the remaining profit on Marine Services will be paid to the Liberian Government after the 15% royalty is paid.

Madam Cuffey-Brown also said the amount of US$1,2 Million to the NPA as arrears for the extra two years the Company operated the Marine Services and the same time, provide training for the NPA staff for the period of five years.

“Our administration has succeeded in signing a new deal with the APM Terminals through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which focuses on both the marine services operation and weigh bridge operation at the National Port Authority (NPA), at the Free .ort of Monrovia. This new agreement will last for five years period and may be renew in keeping with the terms and conditions of the agreement,” Madam Cuffey-Brown revealed.

Super post Panamax cranes work the Emma Maersk at APM Terminals Algeciras Spain

She assured port users and the business community that this new agreement would in no way affect the cost in the clearing of a containers from the port by business people.

Brown said this would not have been successful without the fullest support of President George Weah, adding that the President’s vision and love for country facilitated the many gains made by the NPA.

The NPA acting head revealed that under the agreement for the operation of the weigh bridge by the APM Terminals, the company would annually give the sum of 37.5million United States to the NPA out of its growth.

Brown stated that NPA family sees this new arrangement between the NPA and APM Terminals as a major boost to the President’s vision and accomplishment for the Liberian people as they all strive to implement the Pro-Poor agenda of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)

However, she indicated that the NPA would be engaging other areas and companies that are indebted to the NPA within the coming days and months so as to legally claim those revenues.

She named smith, a private company that has allegedly operated the marine services at the Port of Buchannan for many years without paying a dime to the NPA

Meanwhile, the NPA acting boss has assured the Liberian people of collecting all NPA legitimate monies from every area on behalf of the government.

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