Nimba County Senatorial Candidate, James Hallowanger Concede Defeat, Congratulates Senator Prince Johnson

Mr. James D Hallowanger, a Senatorial Candidate of Nimba County in the just ended general and presidential elections has conceded defeat, and as also congratulated his rival, Senator Prince Y Johnson for maintaining his position as Senator.

In a press release issued and signed Mr. Hallowanger said, he will always remain engage with politics of and messages during election, like the ritualistic killings in Nimba, making sure that all tribes in the county be part of the administrative job distributions.

He noted that scholarships for Nimba students, building a vocational or Junior college in Tappita and Karnplay ,and to make sure the University of Nimba remains open at all time.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hallowanger, has pledged his support to the Unity Party of Ambassador Joseph N. Boikai and is calling Nimbaians to vote the Unity Party for a resounding victory during these elections

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