Nearly 8-thousand people in Grand Cape Mount County become connected to Lonestar Cell MTN 4G Network for the first time

Through a partnership agreement between Lonestar Cell MTN and Bea Mountain, a 4g cell phone tower has been installed in N’dablama, Grand Cape Mount County. The agreement sought to provide internet access to Bea Mountain’s new N’dablama Gold Mining site because there was limited internet access in the area. 


“We are excited,” said Rahul De, Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Executive Officer. “N’dablama mining site operators now have solid and uninterrupted access to the internet to conduct business and connect with friends and family. What’s more, the people of N’dablama and in nearby communities also have access to the internet, and mobile financial services for the first time.”


The 40-meter high tower sits on top of a mountain with an elevation of 280 meters and is equipped with a 4G network. From N’dablama, the tower provides five kilometers radius of coverage in any direction. Communities like Gohnzolo, Najabo, and Saama which are more than five kilometers away from N’dablama can also access the network which means nearly eight thousand people now have internet access.  


“This tower provides access to a better life for many,” said Mr. De. “They have access to a bold new digital world where the cell phone network is readily accessible and reliable. Access to medical and emergency services can be rendered conveniently with a phone call.  

Residents can now use mobile money to manage their finances, conduct banking transactions, pay school fees and taxes, surf the internet, post on social media, and conduct banking transactions just with the cell phone. It’s convenience at their fingertips,” he said.


The N’dablama Site Administrative Manager, Idris Ozcelik He said that for him and his colleagues, the most important part of having the 4G network is having good quality and sustainable network to communicate with his family back home in Western Turkey and conduct the 24-hour mining site operation.


Before the installation of the tower, Mr. Ozcelik said, “I had been here two months and had cell phone and internet challenges that made communications with family, colleagues, and stakeholders difficult.   


But he said that the new 4G tower will change all of that. 


“4G affords us fast speeds in which to download and upload pictures,” he said.  

“In addition, we coordinate operations between two sites, N’dablama and New Liberty, which are more than one hour away from each other. With the 4G network, I can say to my team, “show me what’s going on” at the site, on the road, or during any other issue which I need to see but can’t physically get to and we can video call each other on What’s App or other social media.”


Lonestar Cell MTN

Lonestar Cell MTN is the leading telecommunications operator in Liberia. We are your trusted mobile phone and mobile money operator with a singular focus on leading the delivery of a bold, new digital world to our customers. We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. With our reliable country-wide network, partnerships with Liberia’s major banks, and over nine thousand Mobile Money agents, Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money subscribers can deposit and withdraw cash, pay bills, and pay for services seamlessly. In addition, Lonestar Cell MTN gives one percent of its profit back to Liberians through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. #We’re Good Together.  

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