NBCAA, in the Americas and Suehn Mecca District Association-USA to renovate and equip 3 clinics in Suehn Mecca District

From Musa Wille/USA

The National Bomi County Association in the Americas (NBCAA) was founded in 1991 to provide support to its member organizations through financial aid to women groping, education, infrastructure development , advocacies, quality healthcare service and human capacity building for citizens back in Liberia since its establishment. The organization is comprised of District Associations and State chapters.

Making the presentation for the National Bomi Association in the Americas over the weekend via zoom,Madam Bendu Graffin Washington who is the project officer said, members of NBCAA assembled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2019 for an annual convention and a decision was reached to provide financial support to projects within the four (4) districts of the county. In 2021, NBCAA presented $8,000 United States dollars to the Klay District through the United Organization of Klay in the Americas (UNOKLAYA) for the completion of the District’s medical center, Today the medical center is providing healthcare services to the citizens of Klay District and surrounding areas.

Like any other district in Bomi County according to her, Suehn-Mecca District has several challenges and key among those challenges is the dire condition of the health sector—especially the poor conditions of the health infrastructures and equipment for the various clinics. The deplorable road condition also makes it inaccessible and expensive to reach the various clinics with medical supplies or quality healthcare delivery.The citizens of Suehn-Mecca District have over the years supported their district association and NBCAA. For this reason, NBCAA is partnering with Suehn-Mecca District Association-USA to renovate and equip three (3) clinics in the District. Those clinics are MECCA Clinic,SUEHN Clinic and MULBAH TOWN Clinic.

According to madam Bendu Washington,  with the support of the entire membership of NBCAA/ BOMI-USA they are pleased to announce the donation of $8,000 United States dollars as NBCAA’s contribution towards the project.

The project officer of NBCAA/BOMI-USA closed by recognizing  the efforts of  national government and other  International partners who are currently providing support to the healthcare sector in Liberia especially in Suehn-Mecca District, Bomi County.

Speaking on behalf ofThe leadership of Suehn-Mecca District Association-USA, Mr. Calipha Davis thanked NBCAA/BOMI-USA for the partnership and pledged their  association commitment to providing 10,000 United States  to facilitate the full implementation of the project. He also assured NBCAA and the citizens of Suehn that the project will be implemented in a very responsible and transparent manner. The total cost of the project is approximately 18,000 United States dollars.

The citizens engagement meeting which was held via zoom and Facebook brought together citizens and stakeholders from Bomi county to include; Bomi County Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe, NBCAA President, Musa Willie, the Chief Health Officer of Bomi County , Dr. Siana T. Jackson, Suehn Mecca District Heath Officer- Zwannah Johnson, Broad Chairman of NBCAA Robert Hill, Momolu Sirleaf, NBCAA’s Liaison Officer,Calipha Davis, Suehn Association- Malikee Sonii, former Senator of Bomi Imam Mohammed Dukuly, among others.

Dr. Jackson expressed her unceasing gratitude to both organizations for their commitment in helping their citizens back home in getting access to an affordable and accessible medical services.

In a brief remark, Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr thanked  the Association for their support towards activities in Bomi and disclosed his office willingness to collaborate with other organizations with same vision for the forward march of Bomi county.According to Honorable Snowe, plans are on the way by the ministry of public works for a complete rehabilitation work of several communities roads in the county which will enable communities dwellers from hard to reach communities to commute freely in getting access to medical service and etc.

Senator Snowe disclosed a 3.5million United States Dollars secure by national government through western cluster limited for the upgrading of Bomi Community College to an University status in coming months.

In closing, the Queen of NBCAA/ BOMI-USA madam Princess Brako thanked everyone for attending the zoom program and admonished the citizens of Bomi to keep holding together for the betterment of the county.

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