Parents Of Child, 15 Who Survives 32 Single Barrel Pellets Makes SOS Call

The family of 15-year-old  Marcus  Seeboe, who sustained wounds from 32 single barrel pellets  around his head, is calling  on  the public  to assist  their son seek advanced  treatment  abroad;  in order to remove the  remaining pellets, reconstruct his jaw bones  and conduct  a proper plastics surgery on his face.

Speaking to journalists over the weekend in Monrovia, the father of little Marcus Seeboe, Father, Rev. Y. Weagba Seeboe Jr. said  his son was shot by  a 17-year-old  boy at their 72nd Boulevard  Community home  on Sunday, August  21, 2022.

“According to my son, the 17-year-old boy asked him, if he knew how to shoot a gun, he said yes and downloaded the gun app on his phone and started playing the game. But the boy said no the real gun not the one in his phone.

The boy went inside the house and brought a single barrel pistol made in Guinea and subsequently tried it on my son’s head in a very close range. The entire single barrel shots entered in my son’s jaw and even went beyond,” Mr. Seeboe Jr. narrated.

Going further,  Rev. Weagba  stated  that his son was immediately rushed to the ELWA Hospital where he spent 16 days paying to stabilize his health  but was advised by the doctor to seek  advanced  treatment in a foreign nation.

He said the doctors at the ELWA managed to remove 15 pellets out of 32 from his son’s jaw and told him they have no equipment to carry out surgery to remove the balance shots from his jaw.

However, the Father  of the 15 years old  survivor  told  the newsmen that the 17 years old   perpetrator  is currently under  Police  custody  undergoing  investigation.

Source: IPNEWS

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