Naymote Survey Grades Gov’t Performance As ‘Very Poor’ While AFL Tops Security Sector With 93% Trust From The Public

Eddie Jarwolo, Executive Director – Naymote Partners for Democratic Development

The Naymote Partners for Democracy Development, a pro-democracy group has released its fifth survey report assessing citizens perception on the quality of governance in Liberia, using a sample size of 3,185 (women 46% and 54% men) registered voters out of 2,183,629  register voters from across  the 46 electoral out of 73 within the 15 counties participated in the survey.

21% of the respondent said they trust the Liberia Immigration Services (LIS), 53% of the respondents said they fairly trust the LIS, while 26% said they don’t know. for the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is the least trusted security agency in Liberia as 72% of the respondents don’t trust the LDEA, while 18% fairly trust it, and 10% trust the LDEA.

Addressing journalists today to announce the results of his organization’s fifth survey, the Executive Director of Naymote, Mr. Eddie Jarwolo said respondents between the ages 18-35 constituted 54%, 36-50 years old constituted 41%, while 50 and above constitute 6%, stressing that this mean younger people participated in the survey.

Mr. Jarwolo further disclosed that 35% of respondents were business people, 30% were self-employed, 12% were farmers, 10% government employees, while 9% of the respondents were high school and college students.

He disclosed that during the survey, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) is rated as the most trusted security in Liberia with 61% of the respondents said they trust the AFL, while 32% saying they fairly trust the Liberian Army, and 4% say they don’t trust the AFL.

For the Liberia National Police (LNP), the survey indicated that 46% of the respondents said they trust the LNP, 29% said they fairly trust the police while 25% said they don’t trust the police.

Of the 3,185 registered voters interviewed, 64% of the respondents think the country is going the wrong direction while 13% said the country is somehow going the wrong direction, while 9% said the country is going in the right direction, 12% said the country is somehow going the right direction, while 2% saying they do not know.

70% of the Naymote’s survey respondents described the current economic condition in the country as poor, while 14% described it as very poor and 2% saying the current economic situation in Liberia is good, and 1% saying very good.

On the working of democracy in Liberia, 74% of the respondents say they are pleased with the working of democracy in the country, while 6% said they are very satisfied, 19% said they are not satisfied with the way democracy is working in the country, and 1% said they don’t know.

On the performing of their lawmakers, 44% of the respondents rated their lawmakers performance as poor, 30% rating them as fair and 25% them as good, while 1% said they don’t know.

On the appointment of local leaders, 86% of the respondents reject of the president appointing local officials, while 11% said they approve, and 3% of the respondents of the respondents said they don’t know.


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