Muslims In Ganta Benefit From LIMANY’s Rice Distribution

The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York (LIMANY) donated 25 bags of rice to the Islamic community in Ganta, Nimba County on Friday after Jumah prayers service.

As Muslims around the world begin month of fasting (Ramadan), LIMANY leadership headed by new President, Mr. Solomane K. Sirleaf chose to continue LIMANY’s tradition of Ramadan distribution of rice since the year 2010.

President Sirleaf, a strong supporter of helping people, emphasizes need for those that have been blessed by God to give more in charity.

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year for Muslims; Muslims deem that the first verses of the Holy Quran was reveal to Prophet Mohammed in the month of Ramadan.

During the entire month of Ramadan, from April 2 to May 2, 2022, Muslims will fast every day from dawn to sunset. In addition to fasting and increased charitable giving; observe spiritual discipline, praying and reading the Holy Quran.

The process of sharing the rice this year was done smoothly through CABILA (Last Names) : Bah, Diallo, Donzo, Dukuly, Fofana, Jabateh, Kaba, Kamara, Keita, Kenneh, Konneh, Kouyateh, Kromah, Sackor, Sangary, Sanoe, Sesay, Sheriff, Siaway, Sidibe, Sillah, Soko, Sow, Sumawolo, and Turay. In a time like this, Muslims in Ganta are very appreciative for the donation.

As a result of this successful distribution, Elder Alhaji Vamala Jabateh said, “We will continue to pray for those that made these donations possible and may Allah bless LIMANY.”

PresidentSolomane K. Sirleaf stated that the organization accepts that charity should not have any boundary. “It should be spread across every spectrum of our society.

My administration hopes to carry on such similar exercises when Christmas or other major religious holidays come in Liberia.” LIMANY believes that these holidays and religious events, are ways of healing and stability in Liberia “May Allah Almighty bless Liberia.

”The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York would like to give special thanks to the following organization for helping LIMANY: I-HELP Liberia Project, Loubama, Liberian Women Association New York, and Ganta Support Group. “To the entire Liberian community, thank you.” Said President Sirleaf.

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