Miss Liberia Advocates For Compatriots In US, Appeals To Trump To Extend Their Stay

Miss. Liberia, Wokie Dolo

Liberia’s beauty queen, Ms. Wokie Dolo who is currently in the United States is appealing to the United States President, Donald to kindly extend the stay in the USA of thousands of Liberians who are expected to be deported to home country, Liberia.

According to a dispatch, Miss. Liberia, Wokie Dolo spoke in Minnesota during a peaceful demonstration of Liberians, amidst a terrible cold weather, with placards calling upon the administration of US President Donald Trump to kindly extend the stay in the USA of thousands of Liberians so that they do not get deported.

From Minnesota, Mtss Dolo will be going to other parts of the USA, where there are many Liberians, to continue her call on the US Government for the extension of their stay in that part of the world.

So far, this appeal is gaining strong momentum and good hearing, especially in the United States Congress where Congressional friends of Liberia are promoting the Extension Cause. According to Miss Dolo, she had to rush to the USA to do whatever she can to push for the stay extension because she could not hear about Liberians being in danger and not try to do something to get them out of danger.

Miss Dolo said that after her efforts in the USA, she will be returning to Liberia very soon to continue her work in building up confidence in the youth that Liberia can be a better place for all to live in.

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