Maduro cuts diplomatic ties with US, Moscow denounces Washington’s blatant interventions

[24/January/2019] SANAA, Jan. 24 (Saba)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that his country has cut diplomatic relations with the United States and has given its diplomats 72 hours to leave the country in response to Washington’s interference in Caracas’s internal affairs.

“We do not want to return to the era of American intervention,” Maduro said in a speech to participants in mass rallies,”We are the majority and we are the people of Hugo Chavez and we will remain in the presidential palace with the votes of the people, who is the only on e who is elected constitutional president of Venezuela.”

In a clear play and a blatant interventionist attitude, US President Donald Trump has recognized right-wing opposition leader Juan Guido as interim president of Venezuela shortly after the latter announced he was taking office in an attempt to topple power.

In his speech, Maduro pointed to the international media ignoring the rallies in favor of the country’s constitutional president and manipulating the facts in Venezuela.

As soon as the Trump Declaration came out, crowds rallied in mass rallies in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and other cities in support of President Maduro and protesting against US interference in their country’s affairs.

The participants stressed their support for the decisions taken by President Maduro in the face of these American interventions.

In Moscow, Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s foreign affairs committee, condemned the United States’ blatant interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs. “Whatever happens in Venezuela, this is an internal affair of this country. The Venezuelan people must be supported by developing cooperation with This country and help solve the social and economic problems accumulated in it and not through its siege. ”

“All the American policies toward Venezuela, including the recent statements by President Trump, are blatant interference in their internal affairs,” he told Novosti.

“The world is now aware of what the change of power in Libya has led to direct US intervention and the difficulties that Iraq still faces and which Syria was about to confront and Venezuela in a row with,” Kosachev warned of the consequences of US interference in state affairs.

In Mexico, Mexican Foreign Ministry representative Roberto Velasco said his country still recognizes Nicholas Maduro as president of Venezuela. “Mexican authorities have not changed their position regarding Venezuela and continue to recognize Nicolaas Maduro as president,” he said.

The United States continues its illegal interference in the affairs of many Latin American countries that are not under the hegemony of Washington, including Venezuela, as part of its policy to impose hegemony and control over the capabilities of these countries and to target their libertarian approach.

It is noteworthy that Venezuela, which follows the liberal approach in Latin America is subjected to attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of America through its right-wing opposition in a desperate attempt by Washington to revive its plans to dominate the country, which possesses huge oil wealth and to beat the legitimate President Nicholas Maduro using all means, including violence and chaos .

Last month, Maduro announced Washington’s plans to bring about a government coup in Venezuela, saying an attempt had already begun with coordination from the White House to block democratic life in Venezuela and to carry out a coup against our country’s constitutional democratic system.

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