LPRC Handover Nine Suspected Thieves To Justice Ministry For Prosecution…

The Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company has announced the transfer of nine of its employees from the Security Section to the Ministry of Justice for further investigation and subsequent persecution.

The decision was reached after series of internal investigations found concerned employees culpable of perforating and damaging the company’s piping infrastructure and made away with several hundred gallons of mixed petroleum products.

The individuals involved have been suspended pending the Ministry of Justice’s investigation.

LPRC management warned that corporate assets or state properties are for all Liberians and that employees and leaders of the company with access to the company’s properties and premises are trusted curators who must not abuse their power for personal gains.

LPRC further warns that it will persecute or cause to be persecuted any allegation that staff has attempted to pawn off the company-protected properties for their selfish advantages.

The management has strongly warned that there will be no business-as-usual and has adopted a zero tolerance on theft which will result into cutting down on product losses

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