Lonestar Cell MTN Waysay-Wasa Mobile Money Campaign Touches Hearts And Improves Lives

Monrovia, Liberia (20 April 2021)   Lonestar Cell MTN is touching hearts and minds with its three- month Waysay Wasah Mobile Money raffle draw.  The raffle draw is the central part of the telecommunication’s company customer appreciation campaign and its way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mobile Money.   The Mobile Network Operator brought Mobile Money to Liberia in 2011 to make sending and receiving money safer and easier.

Winner and mobile money subscriber, Kebbeh Saysay of Sonywein, is a small market seller who sells peanuts, benneseed and other items on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia.   She won one hundred dollars during the  campaign’s first raffle draw.

“I feel sooo happy, “said the 32-year-old holding her eight-month old daughter Yasah.  “I will do many things with the money, like pay my tithes and add to my rent,” she said.

Ms. Saysay is one of 20 mobile money users that won prizes during the Waysay Wasa campaign’s first raffle draw on Saturday, 17 April 2021.

When I got the call,” said 28-year-old clothing shop owner Weemor Holmes, I was on my way to Old Road on a motorbike from Boulevard Junction to collect a $15USD debt when I got the call from Lonestar.  I was actually broke.”

She had run out of money and could not pay her children’s school fees.    As a consequence, her 9-year old and her 4-year old were put out of school.

“I saw the number 0886500000, thought it was Lonestar Cell MTN but I was not convinced.   Then,  I heard Angel Michael’s voice.  I know his voice very well,” she said who had been a Lonestar Cell MTN subscriber for 10 years.

As she talked on the phone to Angel Michael, the Campaign Ambassador, the motorbike driver encouraged her to see the call as a scam.

“I said the number is Lonestar’s and Angel Michael is a celebrity.   He wouldn’t scam me.”

She decided to make a detour and traveled to the telecommunication company’s headquarters where she met Angel Michael and received her $100.

“I don’t know how it happened.   It’s just God,” she said, as she reflected on the recent miracle in her life.

The company created a computer-generated application that randomly selects the phone numbers of mobile money subscribers.   Subscribers are automatically entered into weekly raffle draws that occur every Saturday until June 9, 2021 just for using mobile money.  While Ms. Saysay and Ms. Holmes won cash prizes,  other winners also won TV Sets and smart phones.

“One of the challenges we had when we called people,” said Jeremie Monger event MC and Sales and Distribution Manager, was that the people didn’t believe that they had actually won a prize,” he said.

“So, we want people to know that this raffle draw is real and the prizes are real.  We will call you from our official number 0886 500 000 to notify you that you’ve won.   We will never ask you to send us money. We will ask you, however, to go to the nearest Lonestar Cell MTN Service Center to pick up your prize.”

In addition, the National Lottery Authority has permitted the MNO to operate the raffle draw.  ELBC and LNTV broadcasted Saturday’s event  live on social media and on the radio to inform the nation not only of the winners but also the prizes that the winners won.

Campaign prizes also include kekehs, motorbikes, or the payment of LEC or DSTV bills.    The Grand prize is a brand-new Car.

Waysay Wasa Campaign Ambassador and Comedian Angel Michael said that he is excited to be a part of the campaign.

“The prizes that customers have a chance to win will change their lives.  For the first time, some will have televisions in their homes or own a smart phone, a motorbike or kekeh and use it to raise their incomes.”

The Head of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Financial Services, Christopher Ssali, said that this campaign is important.  Our customers are the reason we’ve been in business for ten years.  “We must appreciate them,” he said.

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