Liberia’s Health Ministry Restrict Sales Of Antibiotics

Deputy Health Minister for Pesearc,Planning and Development

(ELBC Radio) – Deputy Health Minister for Policy, Planning and Research, Vaifee Tulay, is calling for strong restriction on the illegal sales of antibiotics.

Minister Tulay said people were getting increasingly affected from the use of antibiotic not prescribed by professional medical personnel.

He spoke Monday, April 2, 2018, at the official opening of a five-day review of the Public health law enacted in the 1960s.

A statement, signed by the Health Ministry’s Communication Director, Sorbor George, quotes Minister Tulay as also requesting that the law considers clinical research for protection and confidentiality purposes.

He wants people involved in clinical research be protected, amid whatever potential outbreak or social risk that may come out.

The Health Ministry’s statement recalled that the ongoing review in Gbarnga, Bong County is the final phase as the law was only endorsed in 1976 for the first time.

During the review, new chapters will be written in key areas, including traditional medicine, clinical trial, emergency treatment, biosafety, antibiotic resistance, among others.

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