Liberians Worrying About President Weah’s Reported ‘Unwillingness’ To Adhered To His Constitutional Duties

As the news of secret training, and recruitment of armed men in Monrovia and its environs allegedly by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and members of some opposition political parties including some individual lawmakers.

Many of those who spoke to the GNN-Liberia questioned the sincerity of Liberia’s talented leader, President George Manneh Weah who’s under his watchful eyes undesirable things are happening nowadays in Liberia; his muteness on issues that have the propensity to derail the peace people are now enjoying seems worrisome.

Those spoken to by our staff during the week have openly expressed serious concerns the way things are happening in Liberia, especially the proliferation of armed groups, with many Liberians expressing fears ahead of 2023 general and presidential elections.

Each and every one of them are exhibiting their might as to who is mightier them the others, some of these secret recruitment have been made public, the latest showdown in recent days of  a group, calling itself CDC-Cop militants who overran a University of Liberia campus based students under the banner Students Unification Party (SUP).

Few days after people believed to be CDC militants brutalize innocent students who were protesting peacefully, why pondering over the action of the CDC militants, a member of the Liberian legislature, Montserrado County District 10, Yekeh Korlubah displayed his military might when he was featured on social media in his militant uniform backed with his supporters.

This scaring post drew more questions as to what will happen in the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections, with many who spoke to the GNN say they are not prepare any more to go back to those war days when armed rebels killed over 20,000 innocent Liberians and foreigners just for power.

With these troublesome situations which are creating fears in Liberians, the constitutional father of Liberia, President George M. Weah is yet to come out and condemn such acts on the part of these individuals who are continuously beating war drums around here.

It is the constitutional rights to speak out against these unpatriotic acts on the part of these individuals who are craving another senseless civil war, to once again destroy Liberia despite support from the international community.

Mr, President please show your nationalistic juice as a leader by speaking out against these ugly behaviors.

Joel Cholo Brooks

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