Presidential Hopeful Tiawan Gongloe Returns Sunday From Month-long U.S. Visit

Presidential hopeful Tiawan Saye Gongloe is expected back home this Sunday, 07 August, from the United States following almost 3 months tour since Thursday, 12 May of this year.

He is expected to be receive with a rousing welcome from his partisans, supporters and sympathizers of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP). Expected also at RIA to receive arguably Liberia’s only integrity icon is the nationwide membership of Team Gongloe (TGL).

He arrived here on the heed of his 66th birthday celebration which is Saturday, 06 August. Gongloe shall immediately brief the media about his visit in the United States before meeting partisans and supporters of the Liberian People’s Party and Team Gongloe, Liberia,

Thereafter, shall proceed to the All Saint Catholic Church in Smell-No-Taste in Unification Town, Margibi County, for an intercessory prayer service.

After that, he shall visit the headquarters of the Team Gongloe, Liberia, and perhaps the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) headquarters in central Monrovia before retiring.

While in the United States, Gongloe met with officials of the United States Government, perhaps the first Liberian opposition figure to have done so during this 21st century in contemporary Liberian body politics.

He also met and held town hall meetings with Liberian communities’ residents in various states putting forward his platform telling them how he is best suited to become Liberia’s next President come the presidential and legislative elections slated for next year.

In Gongloe’s doctrine, he laid down count #8 of the 10 commandments of the Holy Bible which state: “Thou Shall Not Steal.” An anti-dose or prescription in the fight against corruption which is eating the fabric of the Liberian society in development.

He is the personification of India’s give to the world the late Mahatma Gandhi’s profound statement of being “the change you want to see in the world.”

Gongloe is the change that Liberia wants to see as an equitable and just society where people are not given access to state resources based on their ethnic or relational connections to the ruling class, and where the rule of law trumps everythings and becomes the guiding principle of the nation state.

He is simply asking for a space to do for the country and its people which is concrete change that will put the country on par with other countries similarly situated.

Gongloe believes in the equality of humankind, the supremacy of the law and the Judeo-Christian principle of “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

His usual saying is “I rather be a proud and loved man based on honesty, simplicity and integrity, than a troubled-hearted and despised rich man.”

He is both traditional and convention in character, but remains unmatched and unbending when it comes to Integrity in Liberia and his demonstrable ability to uphold the dignity of the highest office of the land, the presidency.

Gongloe comes not only with knowing or understanding the geo-political and economic trends globally. He is a leader who can change the narrative or shift the paradigm for a better Liberia.

Gongloe has an impeccable public service record for being corruption free, which “No” Liberian can doubt. Though he is LPP’s presumed candidate, Gongloe needs his party’s national convention scheduled next month (September) approval.

Because there are other LPP’s partisans like Dr. George Gonpu, former employee of the Finance and Development Planning Ministry who harbor the same desire for Liberia’s presidency.

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