Liberians Outburst Over Rep. Yeke Kolubah’s Ultimatum’ For President-elect Boakai Recent L$10M Donation To Victims Tanker Explosion

Liberians including relatives of recent gas tanker explosion that led to the death of over 70 Liberians have condemned Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah on his seven-day ultimatum issued to President-elect Joseph Boakai, urging him to elucidate the origin of the L$10 million allocated for aiding victims of the gas tanker explosion.

One of those Liberians who publicly condemned Representative Kolubah, Lowah Gotono of Bong County lashed at the Montserrado County to stop insulting leaders like in the case of his recent outburst on the President-elect to immediately desist or he will have her to content with, stressing, “I will personally deal with Representative Kolubah for his usual attacks on our leaders. Boakai is a responsible person, he can afford to spend whatever he wants”, Madam Gotono in a rather angry tune on the OK FM said,

Recently President-Elect Boakai offered his heartfelt condolences to the families affected by the incident and provided ten million Liberian dollars (10,000,000) and 200 bags of 25kg rice. This assistance aimed to aid the hospitals, the county health team, and the national disaster management team in their relentless efforts to save lives.

During a press conference held on Sunday, January 7, 2024, Representative Kolubah raised queries regarding the source of the substantial cash utilized in the relief efforts, particularly as Boakai had previously stated his reliance on loans for sustenance.

Expressing concern, Kolubah predicted a potential rise in corruption within the upcoming Unity Party administration compared to the outgoing Coalition for Democratic Change government.

Kolubah accused the President-elect of potential violations of Sections 1.3.2 and 1.3 Part Six of the National Code of Conduct by providing funds to fire victims in Bong County. He emphasized that Boakai’s recent humanitarian donation might be associated with political favoritism and corruption, prompting the call for a comprehensive explanation to maintain public trust and confidence in his leadership.

In his statement, Kolubah stressed the necessity for a transparent and corruption-free leadership, highlighting his involvement in the rescue efforts for Liberian citizens affected by the tragic incident.

Yekeh Kolubah said he was part of the struggle to rescue the citizens of Liberia and as such, they deserve a more accountable, corruption free and transparent leadership.

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