Liberians, Oppositions, Others Welcomed President Weah’s Calls For Dialogue – GNN Survey Reveals

President George M. Weah

Recent call by the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah for a dialogue between to jointly solving the country’s economic and political crisis has been welcomed by 95% of Liberians who clicked our regular online survey applaud the move by the President.

In one of  GNN-Liberia regular survey which highlights question such as “Are You Pleased With President Weah’s Recent Calls For Dialogue, Inviting Opposition To Roundtable Discussion?”, where ‘YES and NO” is featured, Liberians who clicked ‘YES’ were overwhelming, meaning that majority of the country’s population have agreed with the President’s recent decision  to allow oppositions and others for a dialogue.

“This move by the President which is overdue must be applauded, if this was done prior to the ‘Save the State’ Protest Liberians who not have taken the streets. President Weah must see reason to incorporate other qualified Liberians who are willing to see the country progressing economically, and not only members of his political party, the CDC,” Sampson Dolopay, a resident of Logan Town speaking to our reporter late yesterday evening noted.

For others, the President must now learn how to put on his thinking cap, if he is to maintain his popularity and draw the attention of the majority, President Weah must act swiftly by exposing those who want to bring his government to public ridicule; especially those are involved in massive corruption, and other unbearable acts.

“I think the June 7th protest was indeed necessary, the president would not have realized the importance of the oppositions and others if this protest would not have taken place; calling for a dialogue at this time is important, and hope this is not a cosmetic statement,” Abraham T.K. Johnson, a resident of central Monrovia speaking to the GNN said.

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