Liberian Journalists Union Alarms Over Growing Journalistic Involvement in Political Parties

The Press Union of Liberia says it is deeply concerned about the increasing trend of journalists aligning themselves with political parties in the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Union unequivocally emphasized that such actions represent a clear departure from the ethical standards of journalism, leading to the propagation of misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information, all with the explicit intent of swaying public opinion.

The Union finds it alarming that the distinction between news and opinion has blurred, with the backgrounding of news stories being manipulated to serve political interests.

PUL notes that editorials, once the bastions of unbiased commentary, have sadly transformed into lucrative platforms for partisan agendas.

While the endorsement of political parties by media institutions and journalists remains a contentious issue in established democracies, the Press Union of Liberia underscores the necessity for journalists in Liberia to align themselves with ongoing reforms in the media and public communication sector.

It is imperative, according to PUL, that Journalists uphold the principles of truth and accuracy in their reporting, ensuring that the public receives reliable and unbiased information.

In response to these concerns, the Press Union of Liberia has announced that its Media Alert Program, will track journalists who openly display support for political parties through the wearing of party paraphernalia. Reports generated from this tracker will be submitted to the National Media Council for thorough investigation, and appropriate penalties will be imposed on those found guilty, commensurate with the severity of their transgressions.

The Press Union of Liberia states that it remains dedicated to fostering a vibrant and responsible media landscape that upholds the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

The PUL assets that “It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the public receives accurate and unbiased information during this critical electoral period.”

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