As ‘Bad Road Medicine’ Seeks Reelection, Will The Southeasterners Graciously Vote?

Liberians on October 10, 2023 will anxiously go to the poll to elect a president for another six years term as the incumbent, President George Manneh Weah, affectionately call ‘Bad Road Medicine’ formed part for his reelection bid amongst dozens of other candidates.

These candidates including President Weah are expected to continue their campaign around the country with the intent to win the votes of the Liberian people, many of whom who are finding it very difficult to commute from one place to another due to be bad roads condition.

On his campaign trail, the incumbent, President George Manneh Weah bragged of better leadership during the outgoing six years of his administration, noting that he is the first Liberian leader who has built better roads throughout the country in six years, and further begged for another six years to complete those projects undone.

He also bragged that he is the first Liberian leader who have provided vehicles well air conditioned to be used by traditional leaders; this insinuation by the Liberian leader of being the first to build better roads and air conditioner vehicles must be fact cheeked by Facts Checkers to establish the truth of the matter.

Monrovia has been cut off from other counties, especially in the southeast due to bad roads condition, wondering as how these candidates will be able to reach out to those eligible voters during these campaign times in preparation of the October 10 polls.

The votes of those in that part of the country, the southeastern part of Liberia must be secure by those running for state power, they are also important to this process, authority must see reason for their plight to be addressed during these electioneer periods.

Written By Joel C. Brooks

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