Liberian Govt. To Impose Moratorium On Importation Of Motorbikes

Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene L. Fahngon has disclosed that the level of violence and mob justice being perpetrated by motorcyclists across the country has reached a point where the Government of Liberia is deciding to impose a moratorium on the importation of motorbikes.

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular press briefing on Thursday in Monrovia, Fahngon said the government is also deciding to suspend the operation of motorbikes in locations where motorcyclists are constantly engaged in collective violence which leads to injury of people and destruction of properties.

“The violent acts of motorcyclists across the country, which includes snatching of valuable items from citizen such as purses, bags, and backpacks, vandalism and vehicle theft have to be condemned,” Fahngon pointed out.

According to Fahngon, the government’s decision will be as the result of constant violent protests by motorcyclists across the country whenever they are aggrieved about an issue.

Recently, aggrieved motorcyclists in Weala, Margibi County went on the rampage demanding justice for the murder of one of their colleagues, Moses Wolopaye, who was mysteriously killed in the county.

The protest led to the burning down of the Weala Bopolu Police Deport, Magisterial Court and several private buildings owned by a businessman in the county.

It can be recalled that on April 16, 2015, a group of motorcyclists from the commercial district of Red Light in Paynesville went on the rampage and set the Police station in the area on fire.

On Sept. 30, 2018, motorcycle gangs rioted in Ganta City, a commercial hub in Nimba County in northern Liberia, and burned down buildings, including a major hotel.

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice has since condemned the act of violence and vandalism being carried out by motorcyclists across the country.

Source: LINA

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