Liberian-American Naquetta Ricks Wins Second Term as Representative in the US

Rep Naquetta Ricks

Colorado – In her first term she passed nineteen bills, such as the Immigration Defense Fund, Home-Owners’ Association Transparency and Accountability, Diverse K-12 Workforce Report, Towing Customer Bill of Rights and Mental Health Gap Funds.

The Liberian born snagged 61.8% of the votes against her Republican rival, Le Sellers on Super Tuesday, sealing a second two-year term in the Colorado State House..

“I am looking forward to working on critical issues facing Colorado, such as public safety, affordable housing, mental health and climate change,” she said.

In 2020 when Ricks entered the race for Representative, she made history as the first Liberian woman to ever hold an elected position in the United States.  Leaving Liberia in 1980 after the Coup d’état, Ricks moved to Colorado with her mother and sister to begin a new life.  It was there she saw the need to have her voice in the US political system and ran unsuccessfully for the Board of Regents.  According to the Colorado State Representative, that did not deter her, but made her even more determined to push forward.

In addition to position as the Representative for House District 40, Ricks is also the President and Founder of the African Chamber of Commerce for Colorado. She is committed to supporting Liberia in its growth and development as part of the Year of the Diaspora team and a part of the planning committee on the Diaspora Engagement Summit held in May of this year.  As you may recall, Ricks also jointly led efforts in bringing over USD $1 Million worth of medical equipment and supplies to Liberia earlier this year, in support of the war against COVID 19.

A dedicated Christian, she said “Praise be to God. Thank you, HD 40, for re-electing me. I am grateful for your support and confidence. We have a lot of work to do together for Colorado and I am fired up and ready to go back to the Capitol!  #BlueTsunami.” she added on Facebook.

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