LIBERIA: TU Students, Angry Crowds Issue Statement On The Mysterious Death Of Student Anthony Tiaka In Pleebo

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent In Maryland County

Hundreds of students of the Tubman University, and some concerned residents of Pleebo, Maryland County have presented statement of concern regarding the alleged brutal murder of a 24-year old  student of the University in his bathroom recently to the District Superintendent of Pleebo.

According to GNN Correspondent in the county, decease identified as Anthony Tiaka prior to the incident let the campus of the University on July 1, 2022, after concluding his activities on campus and travel to Pleebo but could not be seen following the next by family members.

Below is the statement released by the angry crowds

“Justice for Anthony Tiaka Vehemently demands in the Strongest possible terms Justice for the late Anthony Tiaka; The GOL must conduct Sophisticated full investigation on the alleged mysterious death of our friend and beloved comrade Mr: Anthony Tiaka.

“Comrades and Friends, fellow Students, Sympathizers, and  well-wishers, Men and Women of good will and great Courage, Government of Liberia, distinguished Members of the Press.

“We are all aware of the Mysterious death of our beloved and great friend, The Justice for Anthony Tiaka which consist of friends, and ideological Comrades, bonafide well Wishers and Sympathizers of Mr: Anthony Tiaka, the deceased, thought this means, hereto, wants to state that we are very serious with no ambiguity when it comes to ensuring that the çausative factors of Tiaka’s death is determined and Justice is duly rendered.

” In Concordance with the 12 men Coroner’s Jury report which states, as ” His eyes were bruised up, his forehead hit, piercing over his penis, bleeding from his nose and other parts of body; unquote,_We are seriously not convinced that our friend who was last seen on Thursday, June 30,2022 until the discovery of his lifeless body on Sunday, July 3,2022 in his own bedroom die a natural death, Notwithstanding, on the basis of these, we therefore make this Clarion call to the Government of Liberia, the local government here in Maryland County for a conduct of a full scale forensic investigation on the death of Anthony Tiaka.  ” We have absolutely zero faith in the so called medical report conducted by unqualified persons or individual as in this current case where a registered nurse is being purported as relevant medical authority to conduct such kind of investigation.

“We the Justice for Anthony Tiaka has unanimously resolved that failure to establish and guarantee the path of Justice for our fallen beloved with in  the course 7 days, we shall engage with no fear of reprisal nor favor into unspecified nor_Violent revolutionary actions aimed towards the uncompromising pursuance of Justice.

Signed: Justice For Tiaka

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