Speaker Chambers Expresses Optimism, Liberia Budget Can Hit Beyond US$1-Billion, If…

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers,

“Liberia has a huge potential for economic growth. I believed that our resources can better serve us, if we learn from how other countries are getting it right on the management of their natural resources, and our budget can go beyond a billion dollars.” House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers asserts.

The Speaker was speaking in reference to government’s desire to expand the economy and grow the budget by tapping on the potentials of the forest sectors, fisheries and the mining of precious metals with apparent reference to the German forest sector success story, the Norwegians fisheries and Botswana’s success story of mining of precious metals.

Speaker Chambers made the assertions when he was honored and gowned by a conglomeration of several civil society groupings under the banner of Citizens Action Committee (CAC) for his leadership style and statesmanship at the House of Representatives and his according preferment as the third person by rank in the Liberian Government architecture.

Mr. Stephen Russell, Chairman of the Maryland Patriotic Student Movement in his overview assertions told the gathering that his organization in collaboration with other actors in civil societies have been following the workings of Speaker Chambers since his early days in the Liberian Legislature, and he has proven good statesmanship.

In a statement of recognition, the Chairman of the Citizens Action Committee, Mr. Simon Gambleh says his organization is in cognizance of how Dr. Chambers’ leadership trajectory at the 54th Legislature has rebranded the august body and has restored its respectability in the Liberian populace, the sub-region, and several other global legislative and parliamentarian bodies across the world.

During the occasion Speaker Chambers furthers that the journey to success is never ending. He divulged that his leadership has been able to rebrand the Legislature, House of Representatives and pledged that he will remain engaged   legislatively in ways and means that will bring dignity to the image of the Legislature.

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