LIBERIA: Sanction Fever Frightens Gov’t Officials Amid Reported Widespread Of Culture Of Impunity

As poverty stricken Liberians complain of endless hardship under the Coalition for Democratic Change-led government, many are opting for the continuation of the imposition of more sanctions by the United States Treasury Department on those believed to be more corrupt, and enriching themselves at the detriment of the majority.

According to report, since three senior Liberian government officials were sanctioned for their alleged involvement in massive corruption by the Treasury Department, on a daily basis some senior officials in government are said to be visiting their accounts at various banks in Monrovia and its environs withdrawing their monies for fear of any future embarrassments.

Already, many are asking as to who will be the next official of government to be designated sanctioned official. According to GNN-Liberia investigation, officials at various ministries and agencies are worrying daily as to who next on line to be  sanctioned.

Information gathered by our sources confided that many of these officials have now resolved to keeping their monies at home, while others are said to withdrawing from their accounts from their banks  depositing same other countries, our investigation revealed.

Recently the Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee took serious  exception on the ongoing sanctions being designated for Liberian Government officials.

Speaking to journalists recently in Monrovia bragged that the Coalition for Democratic Change-led government will not be intimidated by the United States and other country under the name of imposition of sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department.

Koijee in a social media post which went viral, boastfully said, “We respect our friends, the Americans, and the British people but you have to respect us too because we have no record of violence, for making President Weah is our only crime, but we want to thank the President for taking the right decision and don’t think because you have sanctioned a few government officials we will get intimidated”.

Political analysts who spoke to the GNN regarding the utterances of the Monrovia City Mayor by throwing jabs to the Americans will be the beginning of his designation to be placed on similar stage, noting that such un desirable statement from another senior official of the Liberian Government is worrisome, cautioning him to be careful.

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