Who Will Be On President Weah’s List For Joe Biden Summit Of African Leaders In Washington?

US President, Joe Biden and Liberian President, George Weah

As the trip for Washington D.C. in December draws closer based on invitation from the United States President Joe Biden for the U.S-Africa Leaders’ Summit which President George M. Weah has been invited to form part of, GNN-Liberia is investigating as to who will be on that all important trip.

According to the invitation extended the Liberian leader, the objective of this meeting is to “demonstrate the United States’ enduring commitment to Africa, and will also “reinforce the U.S-Africa commitment to democracy and human rights and tackle COVID-19 and future pandemics as well as climate change and food security.”

According to sources closed to the Liberian presidency, the delegation many like be reduced to what is described as a skeleton level with the reported exclusion of Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for some diplomatic reasons, while the President himself is allegedly contemplating of not making the trip.

Information obtained by our source has revealed that the newly nominated Liberia Ambassador to the United Nations Sarah Fyneah in collaboration with the Liberia Ambassador to the United States in case of the absence of the Liberian leader from the Joe Biden called summit where other Africa leaders are expected to be full attendance.

According to one our sources closed to the presidency has confided that already several persons, meanly senior government officials are said to be opting to have their names included on the list for the Washington summit. However, it is not clear as to whom all will form part of the upcoming Washington D.C. trip.

This could be Pres. Weah’s easiest way to the White House but there has so far been no indication that Pres. Weah is on the list of invitees for the summit despite the 158 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The United States established diplomatic relations with Liberia in 1864; 17 years after it declared independence from the American Colonization Society, an organization that resettled free African-Americans and freed slaves in Liberia.

The Weah-led government has hired at least four lobbyists in the past five years, the recent being a US$75,000 monthly contract with Ballard Partners Inc. which was signed on June 24, 2022.

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