LIBERIA: Rivergee Citizens Want Their Lawmakers Prioritize Road Conditioning

Citizens and residents of Liberia’s newest county, Rivergee County are calling on their respective Lawmakers of both the House of Representatives and Senate to rally around each others for the development of their County.

Rivergee became county in 2000 through the county legislative caucus headed by the late lawmaker, Nathaniel Williams prior to it’s been part of Grand Gedeh County.

Speaking with a team of GNN reporters in Fishtown, the administrative headquarters of the county, several residents of the county including students and businesswomen, said the county lacks real development including improved road network.

“We are suffering, while our Lawmakers sit iddolely doing nothing to bring about meaningful development; they only care for themselves,” speaking exclusively with our reporter expounded on their plight amid the deplorable road condition.

The county, according to our reporters, is one of the least under developed counties, with many of it’s citizens finding hardship to sustain their livelihood.

One the burden issues that is affecting the livelihood of many of it’s citizens is the lack of improved road network, a situation that made many of them not successfully make it in life.

The residents who appeared over excited to speak to journalists on the ‘Unberable situation’ they are faced with due to lack of improved road network, voiced out their plight.

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