Southeastern Liberians Say They Are Seriously Challenged, Want ‘Bad Roads Medicine’ Intervene

Dozens of Liberian Journalists who had traveled to the southeastern county of Rivergee County, specifically the county’s capital, Fishtown were seriously challenged due to the terrible conditions of roads.
Theses roads, particularly in Sinoe, Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh and Rivergee Counties are seriously terrible with travelers spending nights in high forests at the mercy of dangerous creatures due the lack good roads in that part of the country.
Officials of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) including scole of Journalists from around country joined their colleagues around the globe to celebrate this year’s Press Freedom Day on May 3, were seriously hacked with the temptation of ‘ Bad Road Conditions’ making the celebrants to spent sleepless nights in high forests.
The million dollars questions being asked by unhappied citizens who are grieving over the lack of good roads in their counties, wondered as to the developmental role of their local authorities, including their lawmakers to rescue them from this ugly situation.
Speaking to reporters unpon arrival in Fishtown, after spending nearly twenty hours from Monrovia to Rivergee County.
The further wondered as to the contribution of their lawmakers in these unfolding and unbearable situations amid the growing conditions of bad roads in their respective counties.
They complained that President George Manneh Weah, who has been considered as the ‘Bad Road Medicine’ is equally doing to rescue the people in the soubthestern part of the country who have been seriously challenged due to bad road conditions.

The World Press Freedom Day is globally celebrated every year with journalists joining the colleagues to celebrate this unique and historical day, in furthering the importance of this day, the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has introduced the decentralization of activities of the union by taken it to other counties, with this year’s celebration teaching the people of Rivergee County, specifically in the county’s Capitol, Fishtown.

Due the bad road conditions in that of the country, prices of commodities are skyracketing with nation’s staple food, rice is been sold at Three Thousand Nine Hundred dollars per 25KG instead of One Thousand Five Hundred Liberian Dollars,  a ride on a motorcycle from Fishtown is Twenty Five Hundred Liberian Dollars person.

The rate between the Liberian Dollars and the United States Dollars is One Hundred And Fifty Liberian Dollars to one United States Dolar per gallon of gasoline is been sold at One Thousand Two Hundred Liberian Dollars instead of Nine Hundred Liberian Dollars.

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