LIBERIA: Rep. Snowe Claims Bomi Local Leaders Marginalizing Him In Decision-Making

Rep Edwin M. Snowe

Representative Edwin Snowe of Bomi County District # One has frowned on local authorities for allegedly marginalizing him in decision-making affecting the county.

Speaking at a one-day District Citizens Meeting in Beajah Town, District # One on Tuesday, Snowe told citizens that since the appointment of the new county leadership, no local authority has informed him about decisions being made in the county, something which, he noted, is not in the interest of the county.

According to Representative Snowe, even senior chiefs in his district do not consult him when making decisions.

The Bomi County District #One lawmaker expressed disappointment over the manner and form in which Bomi County local authorities are treating him while he is serving as one of the lawmakers of the area.

Commenting on the decision of District # One citizens in Sackie Town to scrap equipment belonging to an old mining company, Representative Snowe said:  “Taking the decision to scrap that equipment is not bad but should have been done in consultation with the county legislative caucus.”

According to the Bomi County lawmaker, elections have come and gone, and it is now time for citizens to focus on the development of the county.

Snowe said even though he remains an opposition party member, he supports the agenda of the CDC-led government in the interest of the country.

In response, citizens of District # One said their decision to scrap the old company’s equipment is to construct a town hall and modern latrines for the district.

The citizens said their decision was in line with an agreement reached by all local authorities of the county to scrap and sell the equipment.

When contacted, Bomi County Superintendent Adama Robinson confirmed the scraping of the equipment, and disclosed that the decision was reached by citizens of District # One.

Meanwhile, the truck carrying the scraps has been arrested and sent to the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in Monrovia as police investigation continues into the matter.


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